• Fruit Texture Analyzer

Fruit Texture Analyzer

  • Integrated security functions
  • No lubricant or adjustment needed
  • Can be controlled by your own software

  • The Fruit Texture Analyzer (FTA) measures fruit firmness at the push of a button and captures the results to a PC.

    Tests are conducted at standard depths and speeds of penetration, ensuring accurate and repeatable results. Test apples, pears, peaches, nectarines and kiwi-fruit - with quick , easy , reliable results...


    • The FTA connects to a standard PC and the software runs on Windows 98/NT4/ME/2000/XP.
    • The test results can be processed as follows:
    • Capture the test results with your own software directly from the FTA using the control functions (supplied with the system in a DLL).
    • Save the results to disk (or network) in ASCII format.
    • The FTA can directly be accessed from Excel, Word or Access. Samples are included on CD.
    • Installation only takes a few minutes.
    • The FTA requires minimum maintenance - only cleaning to remove juice.
    • The FTA can also be controlled from:
    • ART-Soft database which forms part of the ART System (Apples Ripening Test). The software can be purchased directly from UP GmbH, Germany.
    • FQMS database (Fruit Quality Management System). Contact GÜSS or Hortec for further information on this software.


    Also measure size and weight

    The EFM (Electronic Fruit Size Measure) can be connected to the FTA to measure fruit diameter electronically. Each measured size will be immediately available on the computer. Fruit diameter from 12 mm to 100 mm can be measured.the EFM is an optional attachment.

    A Scale attachment can also be connected to the FTA to measure fruit weight electronically. The Scale is available in capacities ranging from 3 kg to 35 kg. Note: the Scale is an optional attachment.



    With the LCD/Keypad attached the FTA can be operated without a connection to a PC. All the relevant measurements - firmness, size, minimum, maximum, average etc., will be displayed on the LCD.

    Note: the LCD/Keypad is an optional attachment.


    Features and benefits

    • The FTA can be controlled with your own software . The control functions can be accessed through a DLL file. Integrating the FTA with existing QA software systems should not take longer than two hours of programming.
    • Software can be configured to allow for customised output data and enables the FTA data to be incorporated into existing quality control systems.
    • The electronic measure system ensures accurate, reliable firmness readings .
    • All operating parameters can be regulated via the control PC (probe speed, calibration, threshold load, depth).
    • The motorized system eliminates operator discrepancies and ensures accurate test distance (depth).
    • Low maintenance - NO lubrication or adjustments are required.
    • Electronic speed control ensures accurate probe speed and also ensures that tests are carried out under standard conditions.
    • Software to generate reports from the recorded data is included in the package .
    • Built-in safety features protect against overload.
    • Measuring units:
    • Firmness: kg, pounds, Newton.
    • Depth: millimeter, inch.


    It's all in the system

    To run the control software, you need a computer with at least:

    • Windows XP or  Vista
    • USB  or  Serial Port (DB9 connector)
    • CD-ROM drive

    The firmness data can easily be copied to Excel to create graphs for reports or presentation.

      GS-15 GS-25
    Speed of probe 1 ~ 40 mm/sec 1 ~ 40 mm/sec
    Operating range 50 gram ~ 15 000 gram 50 gram ~ 25 000 gram
    Maximum fruit size 120 mm
    Mass 9 kg (approx.)
    Power consumption 50 watt (1)
    EFM (size measure) port (2) Standard
    Scale attachment port (3) Standard
    LCD/Keypad port (4) Standard
    Digital caliper port (5) Standard
    Digital refractometer port (6) Standard
    Supply voltage 30 V DC
    USB Yes
    1. Under max. load.
    2. Does not include EFM attachment
    3. Does not include scale attachment
    4. Does not include LCD/keypad attachment
    5. Connects to Mitutoyo calipers only
    6. Connect Otago (with serial port) at FTA serial port. Data is then available at PC via USB connection.