opdo Waterproof Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meteropdo Waterproof Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meteropdo Waterproof Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meteropdo Waterproof Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meteropdo Waterproof Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meteropdo Waterproof Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Portable waterproof LDO oximeter, with optical O2/°C probe, 4 m cable

  • No membranes or electrolyte
  • No flow dependence or minimum flow rate
  • Fast and stable readings
  • Minimal maintenance

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opdo Waterproof Optical Dissolved Oxygen Mete - HI98198

HI98198 portable Optical DO (opdo) meter uses a luminescent optical method for the measurement of dissolved oxygen in water and wastewater. This professional, waterproof meter complies with IP67 standards and measures DO, barometric pressure, BOD and temperature. The HI98198 is supplied complete with all accessories including probe, smartcap sensor with built in RFID, and a rugged carrying case.

HI98198 Dissolved Oxygen Meter has many advanatages over other Galvanic and Polarographic Dissoved Oxygen Meters. This meter uses HI764113 Rugged Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe for Dissolved Oxygen measurement which has following benefits

  • No membranes or electrolyte
  • No flow dependence or minimum flow rate
  • Fast and stable readings
  • Minimal maintenance

    HI98198 measures dissolved oxygen levels in water using enhanced optical dissolved oxygen technology to ensure high levels of accuracy. With built-in methods and calculations for the measurement of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD),Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR),and Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate (SOUR),there is no need for manual conversions.

    Increased Traceabilty

    Ensure that your data can be trusted with GLP data. Accessible by a fixed dedicated key, this data includes date, time, pressure, calibrated value, temperature and salinity value of the last calibration.

    Versatile Data Logging

    The HI98198's log-on-demand feature allows you to store up to 4000 readings. The AutoEnd button can be used during measurement to hold the first stable reading on the display automatically.

    Focus on What Matters

    When you put on a new cap, your meter will detect and initialize it. It will remind you when your cap needs to be replaced, is damaged, or is missing, giving you one less thing to worry about.

    Superior Field Usability

    An IP67-rated, waterproof meter means that bad weather, splashes, and dust won't stop you from taking important measurements. The HI98198 is built to withstand immersion in water of 1m for up to 30 minutes. A large display and back light feature ensure that all of your important information is easily visible, no matter the amount of light.

    Universal Port

    The ultra-versatile USB-C port integrates seamless transfer of data. There is no need for software- simply connect a USB-C and send your data as a .csv to a memory stick, computer, or android device.

    Quick Connect Probe

    The Quick Connect fitting is designed for quick and easy installation of the DO probe. A watertight connection without threads make attaching and removing the probe simple.

    HI764113 Rugged Optical DO Probe for Fresh and Saltwater Applications

    Built Strong

    A robust ABS body and stainless steel protective guard ensure durability when measuring in tough environments. With an IP68 rating, this probe is totally sealed against water and dust.

    Professional Level Performance

    The domed cap repels bubbles for better measurement sensitivity, providing a fast response time.

    Minimize Hassle

    With no additional membranes to change and no electrolyte needed, the opdo probe is ready to work right when you need it.

    Smart Cap Technology

    Automatic Cap Recognition

    Hanna's Smart Caps feature a built-in RFID reader that is able to store important data, including manufacture date and first-use date for increased traceabilty.

    Longer Life

    Smart Caps last one year from the date of first use. Your meter will automatically count down from initialization and will have your meter remind you when it has expired with an on-screen message.

    Aligned Right Every Time

    An alignment key ensures that your Smart Cap is on correctly every time.

    We believe that buying a meter should be simple. Your Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter is equipped with everything you need for successful testing right out of the box.

    Zero Oxygen Calibration Solution

    When performing a DO calibration, it is important that the correct standards are used. We include some starter solution to get you going. HI7040L is a bi-component zero oxygen solution designed so you can quickly calibrate to 0% oxygen concentration.


    Having the accessories you need on hand makes testing a simple process. The included calibration vessel and beakers fit snug in the rugged carrying case and a USB cable lets you transfer your data with ease.

    Complete Package

    Your meter, probe, and accessories are all neatly packaged in a rugged carrying case to ensure that you have everything you need for on-the-go field testing.

    Product Nameopdo Waterproof Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter - HI98198
    Dissolved Oxygen Measurement TypeOptical - luminescence
    Dissolved Oxygen Range0.00 to 50.00 mg/L (ppm); 0.0 to 500.0% saturation
    Dissolved Oxygen Resolution0.01 mg/L (ppm); 0.1% saturation
    Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy1.5% of reading ± 0.01mg/L for 0.00-20.00mg/L , 5% of reading for 20.00-50.00mg/L , 1.5% of reading ±0.1% for 00-200.0%, 5% of reading for 200.0-500.0%
    Dissolved Oxygen Calibrationone or two points automatic calibration at 100% (8.26 mg/L) and 0% (0 mg/L); Single point manual using a value entered by the user in % saturation or mg/L.
    Dissolved Oxygen Temperature Compensationautomatic from -5.0 to 50.0 °C (23.0 to 122.0 °F)
    Barometric Pressure Compensationautomatic from 420 to 850 mmHg
    Salinity Compensationautomatic from 0 to 70 g/L (manually set)
    Temperature Range-5.0 to 50.0 °C (23 to 122 °F)
    Temperature Resolution0.1 °C (0.1 °F)
    Temperature Accuracy±0.3 °C (±0.4 °F)
    Temperature CalibrationSingle point anywhere within temperature range
    Temperature CompensationAutomatic
    DO ProbeHI764113 optical DO probe with protective sleeve, internal temperature sensor, quick connect DIN connector and 4m (13’) cable (included)
    Logging TypeOn demand with 4000 records capability
    Automatic Shut-OffUser selectable
    GLPYes- includes last 5 calibrations
    Calibration Timeout ReminderYes- user selectable “Calibration due” warning
    DisplayLCD (back lighted display)
    Battery Type/Life1.5V AA batteries (4 pcs.) / approx. 200 hours of continuous use without backlight (50 hours with backlight)
    IP ProtectionIP67
    Environment0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F) max. RH 100%
    Dimensions185 x 93 x 35.2 mm (7.3 x 3.6 x 1.4”)
    Weight450 g (15.9 oz.) with batteries
    Ordering InformationHI98198 is supplied with HI764113 optical DO probe, smartcap with RFID, HI7040 bicomponent zero oxygen solution, 100 mL plastic beakers (2),HI920016 micro USB Type A to C cable, 1.5V AA batteries (4),instruction manual, quick start guide, instrument quality certificate and a rugged carrying case.
    Atmospheric Pressure Range420 to 850 mmHg (inHg, atm, mbar, psi, kPa units available)
    Atmospheric Pressure Resolution1 mm Hg
    Atmospheric Pressure Accuracy± 3 mmHg within ±15% from the calibration point
    Atmospheric Pressure Calibrationone point at anywhere in pressure range value