Universal Penetrometer

Universal Penetrometer

ASTM D5, D217, D1191, D1321, D1403, D1831, D1855, AASHTO T49, T187

  • For foods, cosmetics, bituminous materials, cements, petrolatum and waxes

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Direct-reading instruments for precision penetration measurements of bituminous materials, cement, petrolatum, and waxes -- as well as food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical products.

5" diam indicator dial, graduated in 400 divisions of 0.1mm, corresponding 40mm penetration. Zero preset to eliminate errors. Includes 47.5g plunger with 3.2mm hole, and two loading weights (50g and 100g). Includes H-1280 bituminous penetration needle.

Overall dim.10.5 x 13 x 22 po (266.7 x 330.2 x 558.8 mm)
MeetsASTM D5, D217, D1191, D1321, D1403, D1831, D1855; AASHTO T49,  T187, others.