• Automatic spiral plater

Automatic spiral plater

  • IUL - Eddy Jet 2

Eddy Jet is the benchmark for spiral sowing.

It can apply all spiral seeding distributions used by all manufacturers far.

Using a microsyringe disposable high accuracy (patented) minimizes cross contamination.



Microsyringe for single use - This system covered by a worldwide patent never removes the doubts associated with conventional instruments seeding spiral. Throughout the process, the sample remains inside the disposable syringe.

Immediate replacement - The Eddy Jet contains all the spiral stocking programs already in use. He may produce spiral distributions any model of instrument used before.

Control option - at any time spiral sowings can be controlled by an external balance. The volume can be validated in each of the six areas.


Engine of the syringe plunger Step by step, 7,5º, 9 W
Motor of the turntable Step by step, 7,5º, 9 W
Radial movement of the engine Step by step, 7,5º, 9 W
Maximum volume of the syringe 110 .mu.l
Maximum flow 50 .mu.l / s
Minimum volume per pass <0.1 .mu.l
Material of the syringe
Material of the piston
High density polyethylene
Reproduction Error of less than 1%
Integrated distribution methods All modes currently accepted
Automatic control Programmed by concentric zones
External balance connection RS232 serial
Printer connection RS232 serial
Supply 230/100 V, 50 / 60Hz
Power 440W
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 50x32x40cm
Weight 20kg
IUL, SA reserves the right to change specifications without notice.