• New
    Programmable Colorimeters

Programmable Colorimeters

  • New programmable model
  • Allows users to register up to 100 methods
  • Tool operating in semi-automatic mode

For the 21st century, Sherwood Scientific updated its Colorimeters and added a software package unique in this class of instrument.

The Model 260 Series Colorimeters offer features not elsewhere available and provide solutions to the requirements of quality control, water testing and also the clinical chemist with low sample runs. Both Models can be powered from a 12V battery so can be utilised in locations where the power supply cannot always be relied upon. The Model 260 replaces the previous CHROMA Model 257 Colorimeter and incorporates full programmability, allowing up to 100 methods to be installed by the operator. This permits semi-automatic operation; the user need only insert the prompted filter An RS232 output allows the use of a serial printer.

Model 260Model 260UV
Part Number26000009
DisplayLCD programmable
Wavelength Range400-750nm
Wavelength SelectionFiltres Drop-in
BandpassGelatine 40 nm, Interference 6-10 nm (Optional) for all models
ModesAbsorbance, Transmission Concentration, Factor Kinetic (Rate and End Point) (Sample and Reagent blank)
Programme100 programmable
Numérotation des échantillons Sequential and alpha-numeric 16 characters
Gamme d'absorbance0.000 to 2.999
Sample Numbering0.001 up to 1.5 Abs, 0.01 from 1.5 to 2 Abs, 0.1 from 2 to 2.9 Abs
Absorbance Range0-100%T
Absorbance Resolution0,1%
Stability < ± 0.005A in any 15 min period
Warm up15 minutes
Photometric Reproducibility± 1%T using same cuvette or test tube
Light SourcePre-focused tungsten lamp
DetectorSilicon Photo diode
RS232 OutputYes
Size and weight218L x 230W x 188H mm 2.2 kg net
Power Requirements90-264 VAC Auto-ranging or 12 V DC Battery