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Polyshield Fluid Barriers
Ahlstrom’s Polyshield Fluid Barrier is a super absorbent, pure cellulose paper with an impermeablepolyethylene backing that absorbs splatters and spills, and protects work areas from contamination and damage by toxic, infectious,corrosive, radioactive or staining materials. Polyshield’s smooth, firm surface does not inhibit stability of bottles or tubes, and allows recovery of dry spills. Liquid samples can be recovered by washing the absorbed spill from the inert surface with the appropriate buffer. Disposal is safe and easy and Polyshield ashes readily upon incineration.
SizeGrade 4002
46 cm x 57 xm sheets *4002-4657
46 cm x 50 m Roll4002-46-50
92 cm x 50 m Roll4002-9250
* 50 sheets per pack

Extraction Thimbles
Ahlstrom‘s high purity cellulose extraction thimbles are most commonly used in Soxhlet extraction units for the separation of individual components from a mixture of solids and semisolids by solvent extraction. The use of a Soxhlet extractor provides a safe method of extraction with toxic or other noxious solvents. Ahlstrom extraction thimbles are recommended for the estimation of fats in food, analysis of lacquer and binder in paints, vitamin A and carotene extractions, and extraction of organic compounds from reaction mixtures. Thimble walls are approximately 1.5 mm thick and have been found to perform satisfactorily in applications requiring either a single or double wall thickness.
SizeGrade 7100*
10 x 50 mm7100-1050
19 x 90 mm7100-1990
22 x 65 mm7100-2265
22 x 80 mm 7100-2280
25 x 80 mm7100-2580
26 x 60 mm7100-2660
30 x 77 mm7100-3077
33 x 80 mm7100-3380
33 x 94 mm7100-3394
43 x 123 mm7100-4323
60 x 180 mm7100-6080
* Thimbles are packed 25 per box

Microwave Sample Pads
For microwave technology systems, analyzing moisture and fat content in foods. Glass microfiber paper is used to support food product samples when they are dried, as this media will withstand higher temperatures. Ahlstrom grade 161, binder-free glass microfiber paper provides the consistency and precision required for accurate testing by Quality Control Laboratories. Sample Pads are available in sheets and circles.
GradeSizes Available
16111 x 11 cm Sheets
1619 cm Circles
16111 cm Circles
* Bulk packaging available