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    Membranes filtrantes

Membranes filtrantes


Modèle : 760217

  • Emballage individuelle
  • Paquet de 1000


Modèle : 760219

  • Emballage en bande de distribution 3x300

Ahlstrom offers gridded sterile membranes packed individually specifically designed to save time when performing colony counting and microbiological quality control. 

For diverse applications

  • Particle retention and collection
  • Sterile filtration of solutions
  • Microbiological applications for cell growth and colony counting
  • Particulate analysis
  • Air monitoring applications
  • Microbiological analysis of potable and waste waters

Cellulose Nitrate

Set standard in both analytical and microbiological filtration. Available in a wide range of pore size and is well suited for microbial analysis in water, food and beverage application in the pH range 4-8. Maximum thermal stability: 130°C.

  • Grid: White / Black Grid
  • Pore Size: 0.45 μm 
  • Membrane Diameter (mm): 47

Available in individual sleeves (1000) or in a dispenser strip (3X300). The dispenser strip is usable in standard equipment from various manufacturers.