Produits de cryogénie

Produits de cryogénie

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The SSC Series from ABS offers a variety of units with a wide range of storage capacities. Designed specifically for the user utilizing canes or straws for sample storage with small to medium capacity requirements. The SSC and Extended Time Series’ feature reduced neck openings to insure superior temperature uniformity and economical LN2 evaporation rates.

Vial Capacity (5/cane)2103606301,320150
Number of Canisters66666
1/2 cc Straws (1 Level Bulk)1,1221,7643,0006,216780
1/2 cc Straws (10/cane)7801,2602,1004,500540
LN2 Capacity (Liters)20.533.434.847.436.5
Static Evaporation Rate (Liters/Day)*
Normal Working Time (Days)**14015412376224
Neck Diameter in (mm) 2.18 (55.4)2.75 (70)3.5 (89)5 (127)2 (51)
Exterior Height in (mm)25.7 (652)26 (660)26.6 (675)26.5 (673)27.2 (691)
Ext. Diameter in (mm)14.5 (368)18.2 (464)18.2 (464)20 (508)18.2 (464)
Canister Height in (mm)11 (279)11 (279)11 (279)11 (279)11 (279)
Canister Diameter in (mm)1.65 (41.9)2.22 (56)2.81 (71)4 (102)1.5 (38)
Weight Empty lbs (kg)26 (11.8)34 (15.4)34 (15.4)36 (16.4)34 (15.4)
Weight Full lbs (kg)62.5 (28.3)94 (42.5)96 (43.5)120.4(54.6)100 (45.4)
* Static evaporation rate and static holding time are nominal. Actual rate and holding time will be affected by the nature of container use, atmospheric conditions, and manufacturing tolerances.
** Normal working time is an arbitrary reference, to estimate container performance under normal operation conditions. Actual working time may vary due to current atmospheric conditions, container history, manufacturing tolerances and any individual patterns of use.
1-3 Year Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor, 3 Year Vacuum