• Préparateur de tissus

Préparateur de tissus

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The model tissue Processor is an apparatus used for routine processing of animal, plant and human body tissue. It can be widely used in such institutions as hospitals, scientific research institutes, universities and judicial departments for clinical pathologic analysis and research on animal and plant cells.

  • Protection from getting stuck: If the hanging basket comes into contact with any obstacles when entering the liquid tank during operation, it will return to the first tank so as to protect the tissue from being destroyed.
  • Special cover used with the multiple gasket seal produces excellent sealing performance, which minimizes the volatilization loss of the liquid.
  • The special glass cover, sealing strips and double layer active carbon filter ensure that the air in the room is not contaminated.
  • The large screen LCD shows the operating conditions clearly.
  • Manual operation can be used at will during running to adjust the processing time and improve the processing effect.
  • In-built UPS can prevent the tissue being stuck in the air or 100% ethanol or xylene for a long time so being destroyed in the event of power failure.
  • Protection functions for power failure:

You can set which tank is the protecting tank according to your requirement. When power failure lasts more than 5 minutes, the basket automatically enters the protection tank.

When the basket moves into or in front of the protecting tank, if power cut lasts for 5minutes,the basket stays in the current liquid tank, and shall continue to operate as per the original process until power-on.

When the basket moves between the protecting tank and wax tank, if power cut comes and stays for 5 minutes,the basket shall enter the protecting tank, and shall continue to operate as per the original process until power-on.

When the basket moves to wax tank, if power cut comes and keeps for 5minutes, the basket shall enter the wax tank, and shall continue to operate as per the original process after one hour when the temperature of wax was raised to your set temperature.




  • Quantity of hanging baskets: 2 
  • Number of liquid tanks: 10 reagent tanks and 4 wax tanks 
  • Volume of liquid tank: 1300ml ,can accept 72 standard cassettes 
  • Quantity capable of being processed at the same time: 144 Standard cassettes 
  • Retention time in each tank: 1 minute ~ 99 hours and 59 minutes 
  • Agitation time in each tank: 5 sec~ 30 sec adjustable ( default value is 15 sec) 
  • Delay time: 0~48 hours
  • Temperature range: 55℃ ~ 70℃ 
  • Temperature tolerance: ±1℃ 
  • Power supply: 220V±10% 50HZ/60HZ
  • Power: 450W 
  • Outside dimensions (W*D*H): 1215×475×550 mm
  • Weight: About 70kg