• Polarimètre / Saccharimètre automatique

Polarimètre / Saccharimètre automatique

  • Stabilité des mesures en 13 seconds
  • Résolution jusqu'à 3 décimales
  • Répétition de ±0.003° d'angle de rotation et de ±0.009°Z

The product of our uncompromising pursuit of ultimate usability.

  • Measurement stability in 13 seconds (4 seconds in the high-speed & consecutive measurement mode)
  • Resolution of up to 3 decimal places
  • Repeatability of ±0.003° Angle of Rotation and ±0.009°Z
  • Up to 999 automatic consecutive measurements followed by average value display
  • Sleep & timer feature to take measurement later at specified time
  • Improved usability with the use of touch screen technology
  • Connectivity to RX Digital Refractometers for automatic purity measurement
Cat. No. Description
3118 Digital Printer DP-63 (Thermal printer)
3123 Digital printer DP-AD (Dot matrix printer)
RE-72080 Observation tube 50mm OT-50(I) (SUS) 2.5ml
RE-72078 Observation tube 100mm OT-100(I) (SUS) 5ml
RE-72079 Observation tube 200mm OT-200(I) (SUS) 10ml
RE-72113 Jacketed flow tube with funnel 100mm
RE-72114 Jacketed flow tube with funnel 200mm
RE-72037 Unjacketed flow tube with funnel 100mm
RE-72038 Unjacketed flow tube with funnel 200mm
RE-72042 Unjacketed small volume observation tube 10mm long
RE-72110 Jacketed flow tube 50mm(With water jacket)
RE-72111 Jacketed flow tube 100mm (With water jacket)
RE-72112 Jacketed flow tube 200mm(With water jacket)
RE-72045 Quartz control plate 34°(100°Z)
RE-72044 Quartz control plate 17°(50°Z)
RE-72043 Quartz control plate 8°(25°Z)
RE-72050 Quartz Control Plate -34° (-100°Z)
RE-72049 Quartz Control Plate -17° (-50°Z)
RE-72048 Quartz Control Plate -8° (-25°Z)
RE-72051 Unjacketed Flow Tube (Glass) 50mm/4.5ml
RE-72052 Unjacketed Flow Tube (Glass) 100mm/9ml


RE-8412 Printer paper (regular) for Thermal printer
RE-8414 Printer paper (long-term storage) for Thermal printer
RE-89403 Printer paper for Dot matrix printer
RE-89402 Ribbon cassette


Cat. No. 5951
Measurement Readings Angle of Rotation, International Sugar Scale (without temperature compensation), International Sugar Scale (with Automatic Temperature Compensation), Specific Rotation, Concentration, Purity, and Angle of Rotation (Temperature Compensation of Quartz Plate)
Measurement Range Angle of rotation -89.999 to +90.000° or -360 to +360°
International Sugar Scale -259 to +259°
Resolution Angle of Rotation 0.001° International Sugar Scale 0.001°Z
Measurement Accuracy Angle of Rotation Displayed value ±0.005° (-45 to +45°)
International Sugar Scale Displayed value ±0.015°Z (-130 to +130°Z)
(With a Standard Quartz Plate)
Repeatability ±0.003° Angle of Rotation and ±0.009°Z
Sensitivity up to OD2*
*OD = optical density: a measureof light absorbance.
OD2 = 1/100 attenuation and 1% transmission.
Temperature correction range
for ISS
10 to 40℃
Display Panel 7.5 inch color LCD (touch screen)
Light source LED
Measurement Wavelength 589nm (D-line)
Power Supply AC100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
tube included
Observation tubes (100mm(5ml),200mm(10ml))
Dimensions & Weight 60×36.5×21cm, 20.0kg
Output terminals Digital Printer DP-63 or DP-AD (sold separately), USB flash drive and PC - USB