Réticulation de l'ADN ou de l'ARN par les UV

Crosslinker UV

  • Equipped with five 254 nm Shortwave Bulbs
  • No manual calibration
  • Large UV protective window 

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Whether you are crosslinking DNA or RNA, conducting Northern, Southern dot or slot blot analysis or UV curing, the Boekel Scientific UV Crosslinker AH provides a safe, time-efficient solution with a controlled amount of ultraviolet radiation.

The researcher now gets more accurate results by utilizing our unique-to-themarket, adjustable height feature. This feature provides a more accurate reading by keeping samples on the base of the chamber, at the same distance from the bulbs as the fixed UV sensor, instead of building up samples to get them closer to the bulbs. Just simply adjust the bulbs to get them closer to your sample! Our microprocessor detects the exact energy of the bulbs and compensates accordingly.


  • The unit comes equipped with five 254 nm Shortwave Bulbs
  • No more manual calibration required when switching between wavelengths. The Boekel UV Crosslinker AH comes calibrated for 254 nm Shortwave Bulbs as well as 306 nm and 368 nm bulbs. Change your bulbs and select your bulb choice on the display – that’s it!
  • Large UV protective window allows for easier process inspection
  • Two modes of operation – Energy or Time
  • Open Door Safety mechanism
  • Energy Efficient electronic ballasts
  • Small footprint
  • UL/CSA/CE Approved
Ambient TemperatureOperating Range 16°C to 28°C
Maximum Time Setpoint999m 59s in 1 second increments
Maximum Energy Setpoint9,999,900μJ in 100μJ increments
Supply Ratings120VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Rating80W
Net Weight30lb
Exterior Dimensions (maximum)15 1/8”W x 14 3/8”D x 10 1/4”H