• Cuvettes pour analyseur clinique

Cuvettes pour analyseur clinique

  • Formats : 1.5mL, 2mL ou 4mL 
  • Pour compteur Coulter : avec couvercles , 20mL
  • Cuvettes 12mL avec bouchons à enfoncer

BRAND sample cups are made from virgin polystyrene and are designed to fit many common analyzers.

Caps and lids are made of polyethylene for a snug fit. Cups and caps meet CE-IVD Directive 98/79 (except 722060).

  • Sample cups for Technicon® analyzers are available in 1.5mL, 2mL and 4mL sizes. Push-on caps (PE) are available for the 1.5mL cups.
  • Sample cups for Coulter Counter® analyzers are supplied with lids, and have a capacity of 20mL.
  • 12mL sample cups are supplied with snap-on caps (PE).


Catalog Number Description
Sample Cups
115015 Sample Cups for Technicon analyzers, 1.5mL, pack of 12000
115016 Sample Cups for Technicon analyzers, 2mL, pack of 10000
115017 Sample Cups for Technicon analyzers, 4mL, pack of 6000
722055 Sample cups w/ lids for Coulter Counter, 20mL, pack of 1000
722060 Sample cups w/ Snap Caps, 12mL, pack of 1000
Caps for Sample Cups
115020 Push-on Caps for Sample Cups #115015, pack of 1000