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Garver Babcock Test Bottle Shaker is a product of long study and experimentation by Garver engineers.

Their problem was to develop a machine that would produce consistently accurate results bottle after bottle, test after test, year after year ... a machine that would thereby completely eliminate the need for hand twirling with all its inherent faults, dangers and inaccuracies.

With their unique and exclusive orbital action (which so closely simulates hand twirling) and their extremely low center of gravity which assures minimum vibration, Garver Test Bottle Shakers give you complete integration of a full test load in 30 to 45 seconds without forcing the mixture into the bottle necks. Endless time is saved ... there's no possibility of burns to the operator ... and no possibility of inaccuracy.

Whether you think in terms of construction ... performance ... convenience ... or results-you'll find that Garver Test Bottle Shakers are unquestionably the finest machines of their type on the market today.

Babcock Rigid Tray Type 240

The 240 and 360 Garver Test Bottle Shaker have a heavy duty gear head motor with variable speed, a shaker arm driven by a precision ball bearing, a polyethylene top shaker tray, with a rubber pad in the bottom, and a 3/16" rust-resisting steel bottom plate with a heavy foam pad adhered to the under side. With variable speed, the tray can be loaded while the shaker is running slowly-then, after loading, RPM may be increased for faster integration.

ModelNo. BottlesGlasswarePlate SizeNet. Wt.Ship Wt.
240246" - 9"11 1/2" x 20"24 lbs28 lbs