• Simulateur de soin pédiatrique

Simulateur de soin pédiatrique

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Product Description
BVMAirway managementTracheostomyArticulating jaw
Bilateral lung expansion with realistic chest rise during BVM.Realistic airway with tongue, vocal cords, trachea, and esophagus. Practice intubation using a miller blade and uncuffed ET tube or LMA.Pierce the replaceable trachea and insert a tracheostomy tube with an attached positive pressure device to observe chest rise.Articulating head, neck, and jaw.
Carotid pulseInjection training armInterchangeable genitaliaIntraosseous access
Manual palpable pulses.Injection arm for IV, IM, Sub Q and intradermal exercises.Interchangeable genitalia for female and male catheterizationIntraosseous infusion and injection system with realistic tibia bones. Allows infusion of fluids, blood and/or drugs directly into the bone marrow of the tibia.

The Mike® and Michelle® five (5) year old is a sophisticated pediatric simulator for training in standard and advanced clinical procedures. These PEDI® simulators are now available with site specific heart and lung sounds.

  • Soft, lifelike faceskin
  • Self-molded hair
  • Eyes open and close in realistic eyesockets for ophthalmic procedures
  • Ear canal for otic drops and irrigation
  • Fully articulating head and jaw with teeth and tongue
  • NG and OG exercises
  • Bends at waist as in human
  • Jointed elbows, wrists, knees and ankles
  • Realistic hands, feet, fingers and toes
  • Soft upper body skin over hard upper body for realistic feel
  • Detachable at waist for easy storage
  • Bathing and bandaging activity
  • Intramuscular injection sites
  • Interchangeable genitalia
  • Tracheotomy placement
  • Male and female catheterization
  • Removable internal tanks
  • Enema administration
  • T-shirt and shorts
  • Neck brace
  • Soft carrying bag
  • Instruction manual