Cabinet pour lame

Cabinet pour lame

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The slide cabinets are the most effective system for easy slide storage and retrieval. Cabinets are available for storage of micro-slides, 35mm slides and electron microscopy films. You can easily stack slide cabinets as many as 12 high. They interlock securely, so you can expand your storage capacity as your files grow. Stack them directly on table, desk or counter — or on the floor with our sturdy base.

All cabinets are now constructed of a heavier gauge reinforced cold rolled steel (the heaviest of any slide cabinet),and are electrostatically finished in a smooth dura-baked enamel. Tolerances are the tightest you will find on any slide cabinet for smooth operation and long life.

Drawers are easily removed and interchanged on these newly designed all-steel (no plastic parts) track system. All corners and eadges are rounded for easier handling. The riveted brass card holder on the front of the drawer, unlike embossed, cut-out card holders, keeps labels neatly and securely in place.

Heaviest gauge metal
  • Strongest in the industries
  • Indestructible
Rounded edges
  • No sharp points
  • Protects fingers
Precision aligned steel dividers
  • Protect slides
  • Easy filing and retrieval
Easiest to stack
  • Precision engineered cases, staking tabs and slots
  • Interlock securely
  • Holds cabinets in exact position
Free starter kit

Each cabinet comes with a starter supply of Memorandum Markers and movable Compressor Follow Blocks

Strongest base
Heavy duty base raises cabinets 4-3/4 in. off floor for easier access and protection from floor soil and cleaning tools. Compatible for all 15-3/4 in. wide cabinets - micro-slide and electron microscopy film. Purchase separately or included free with Cat. No. C112B (12 micro-slide cabinets)


  • Compact - space saving design stored as many as 54,000 slides in only two square feet of floor space (C112B 12-cabinet system)
  • Sturdiest performance - drawers slide easily, slides can be filed and retrieved easily
  • Smoothest performance - drawers slide easily, slides can be filed and retrieved easily



  • Convenient - every slide easily removable, as the sides of the drawers are lower than the slides
  • Compact - no-space-consuming slots, every cubic inch used for storage
  • Economical - lasts virtually forever with durable, all steel construction (no plastic parts)


Memorandum Markers
Made of durable, specially coated paper board. They indicate the place from which a slide has been removed. Assure quick refiling in proper sequence.
  • #C108 for 3" x 1" slides. (100/package, 1,000/box)
  • #C108K for 2" x 2" Kodachrome slides (100/package, 1,000/box)
  • #C108E for electron microscopy films (100/package, 1,000/box)
Compressor Follow Blocks
Made of superior natural rubber (not cheap plastic foam). 
Keep slides snug and upright when drawer is not full.
  • #C109 for 3" x 1" slides
  • #C109K for 2" x 2" slides
  • #C109E for electron microscopy films