• Fioles multi-usages

Fioles multi-usages

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Ordering Informations
Part NumberDescriptionUnit
1102110.15mL for Abbott VP (*Special Order*)2000
110216Multivolume sample cup for Abbott VP1000
1107110.25mL multi-purpose, PS1000
1100210.5mL multi-purpose, PS1000
1106101.5mL multi-purpose, PS1000
1106212.0mL multi-purpose, PS1000
1109113.0mL multi-purpose, PS1000
1108114.0mL multi-purpose, PS1000
5510For RA-1000, PS6000
5512For Hitachi ES-300 & ES-600 (*Special Order*)1000
5520For Chiron 550 Express1000
5521Pediatric for Chiron 550 Express1000
5545For Schiaparelli ACE1000
6801For Atac 6000, Poli-mak, Trace 120 & Pronto1000
110915Micro sample cup for Hitachi, Integra, Elecsys & Core Analyzers1000
5542For Abbott Axsym Analyzers1000
5548Microsample cup for Kodak Ektachem & Ortho Vitros 250 HDL1000
6500-ColorFor Cobas Mira (available in blue, clear, green, red & yellow)1000
6601Coagulation timer cup, 1.25mL1000
5574Coagulation cup, PS, metal mix bar for Accustasis, Coadata & BFT21000
113132Cap for sample cups: 110711, 110021, 110610 & 1106211000
113133Cap with cross cut for sample cups: 110711, 110021, 110610 & 1106211000
Nesting Sample Cups
55041mL sample cup for 12mm & 13mm Tubes, PS1000
55052mL sample cup for 16mm Tubes, PS1000
False Bottom Sample Cups
55275mL False Bottom Tube1000
5527B5mL False Bottom Tube, Bulk1000
5528Screw Cap for 5mL False Bottom Tube (#5527)1000
116152-colorPlug Stopper for 5mL False Bottom Tube (#5527)1000
Hematology Cups
107047Dilution vial with snap cap, 4 x 250/case1000
6001Hematology cup, flexible, bulk, 3000/case3000