• Prélèvement d'échantillons de l'environnement

Prélèvement d'échantillons de l'environnement

  • Collecte et transport d'échantillons microbiens environnementaux
  • Économise de l'argent et du temps - pas besoin de préparer des bouillons ou d'utiliser des pipettes
  • Neutralise les désinfectants résiduels restant sur la surface

Q-Swab is a ready-to-use sample collection and delivery device for environmental surface sampling.

Simply collect an environmental sample and snap the bulb at the top of the device to release 1mL of media into the sample. The media neutralizes residual sanitizers and facilitates recovery of bacteria*. A variety of different medias are available depending on bacteria of concern. After activation, the sample is ready to be poured onto sample-ready media film or streaked onto plates for culturing. Q-Swab can be used either wet or dry to sample surfaces. 

 *Only Letheen media neutralizes residual sanitizers. 

The ultimate sample delivery system rehydrates 1 plate perfectly. 

Q-Swab combines all the elements of traditional sample collection into one modern, convenient device. By eliminating sponges, bags, and pipettes, Q-Swab minimizes materials and labor. With common broth options, Q-Swab is a perfect sample collection solution. Q-Swab contains the perfect amount of media to rehydrate one agar plate or dehydrated media film without any waste. For sample collection and dilution devices with larger volumes, see Transport Swab.


  • Environmental microbial sample collection and transport
  • Saves money and time - no need to prepare broths or use pipettes
  • Neutralizes residual sanitizers remaining on surface
  • Aseptically filled and gamma irradiated
  • All-in-one sample collection system
  • 1mL fill of broth - perfectly hydrates 1 dried media film plate
  • Q-Swab (Letheen Broth) devices do not contain bi-sulfites. They do contain other ingredients like Lecithin that neutralizes certain quarternary ammonium compounds (sanitizers) and Tween 80 that also neutralizes phenolic disinfectants. 
  • Shelf life: 18 months
    • Buffered Peptone Water (2 - 8 ºC)
    • Letheen (2 - 25 ºC)