• Accessoires pour electrophorèse horizontal

Accessoires pour electrophorèse horizontal

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Model MPH (Multi-Purpose Horizontal)
*All MP combs are compatible with both MP1015 and model MPH
IB52020MPH UVT Casting Tray


MModel HRH (High-Resolution Horizontal) 
*All HR combs are compatible w/both HR2025 and model HRH
IB54020HRH UVT Gel Tray
IB54300HRH UVT Lid


Model QSH (Quick Screening Horizontal)
  • Buffer chamber
  • Safety cover and power cords
  • Casting system with double gel tray
  • 20 glass slides
  • 1.0mm thick x 5-tooth comb
  • 1.5mm thick x 8-tooth comb
  • Leveling bubble and manual


Cat. No.Description
IB50020QSH Dual Gel Casting Tray
IB50120QSH UVT Gel Tray-Single Gel
IB50140QSH Dual Casting Tray Slides (package of 20)
IB50180QSH UVT Lid
IB50220QSH Quick Loader
IB50040QSH Analytical Comb, 1 mm, 5 tooth*
IB50050QSH Analytical Comb, 1 mm, 10 tooth*
IB50080QSH Analytical Comb, 1.5 mm, 5 tooth*
IB50090QSH Analytical Comb, 1.5 mm, 10 tooth*
IB50060QSH Preparative Comb, 1 mm, 1 sample, 0 marker*
IB50070QSH Preparative Comb, 1 mm, 1 sample, 1 marker*
IB50100QSH Preparative Comb, 1.5 mm, 1 sample, 0 marker*
IB50110QSH Preparative Comb, 1.5 mm, 1 sample, 1 marker*
* All combs come 2/pk