Thermomètre pour monitorage

Thermomètre pour monitorage

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The TH-8 can be installed anywhere temperature monitors are needed.

It weighs under 3 lbs and ca be used for routine as well as special applicatons. There are skin surface probes, needle microprobes and many general purpose sensors. Safe and easy, the TH-8 is easy to operate - just connect the sensors and switch on - and has safe, battery operation.

For the anesthesiologist

Rectal, skin, and esophageal probes monitor patient temperatures.

In cardiac surgery

Three probe inputs allow simultaneous monitoring of body care temperature, heart muscle temperature (with implantable myocardial probe) and solution temperature (with in-line probe).

In emergency room

The TH-8 gives fast readings with oral and rectal probes and reads low temperature for detection of hypotermia.


Cat. No.Description
PHTH8-0000Thermalert monitoring thermometer model TH-8
Temperature Range-10 to +60°C (14 to 140°F)
Resolution0.1°, C or F
Accuracy0.1°C (0.2°F) ± 1 digit, at 25°C ambient
CalibrationConforms to National Bureau of Standards tables. Monograph 125
Readout3 1/2 digit LCD, 0.7" high
SensorsType T thermocouple (copper-constantan)
Power Supply4 "C" cells
Battery Life2000 hours continuous
Analog OutputOptional, extra cost. Approx. 10mV per degree C