• Boîte à gants à température et humidité controlées

Boîte à gants à température et humidité controlées

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The 890-THC accurately maintains temperature and humidity (Rh) inside a roomy single operator glove box.

We also offer multiple operator units. The unit is operated by merely touching the color control screen for the functions desired. It includes your private password protected administrator controls. Touch screen viewing of the data logging function is included as well as serial port connection for data logging.

Automatic purging cycles can be programmed.

The humidity range control accuracy is ± 2% Rh.

Temperature can be regulated in either “F” or “C” degrees and the Peltier style thermoelectric assembly is accurate to± 2°C. Temperature range is from 16 to 44°C.

Features included are:

  • Password protected, configurable “PID” controlled.
  • Inert gas hookup capability.
  • White ambidextrous HypalonTM gloves.
  • Platinum RTD with sealing gland.
  • Four (4) pre-set conditions.
  • 24 hour one touch, on screen data logging.
  • Room temperature and Rh read outs.
  • Thermoelectric assembly (Peltier device).
  • Nebulizer for the Rh system.
  • The top section is one piece clear acrylic plastic for easy viewing. It features “Easy Clean” corners.
  • Four (4) key cock valves for purging. Two (2) on the main chamber and two (2) on the transfer chamber.
  • 8” (203 mm) Color panel touch screen. Date and time display.
  • Humidity (Rh) transmitter with 8 feet of sensor cable.
  • Standard 24 month warranty (Not gloves or consumables).
  • Serial port for external computer data logging & remote access.
  • Transfer chamber is 11” (280 mm) I.D. x 12” (305 mm) long.
  • “Bright Light” system (40,000 hour lamp guarantee).

Optional Drying Train package.

Catalog #890-THC/DT

The Drying Train accessory includes two (2) canisters filled with Molecular Sieve™ and circulation (vacuum) pump. This accessory can be used if a house supply of inert gas is not available. Periodic regeneration of the Molecular Sieve™ is recommended for optimal drying performance. Refer to Accessories Section.

NOTE: If drying train feature is preferred, order as:

#890-THC/DT (Domestic) or #890-THC/DT/EXP (Export).

#890- THC & #890- THC/EXP

Inside Dimensions
 41” w x 28” d x 26” h
1,040mm x 712mm x 660mm h
*Outside Dimensions
 55” w x 35” d x 38” h
1,400mm x 890mm x 965mm h
Approximate Volume
17.3 Cubic Feet
489 Liters
Electrical Requirements
N. American 115-120 Volts,60 Hz. 10 Amps

Maximum Working Pressure
6.0” of W.C. (1.49kPa)
Approximate Shipping (crated) Weight
250 Pounds
112.5 Kilos

*Includes Transfer Chamber