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Cabinet Style Lab Companion Vacuum Desiccators

Outstanding vacuum sustainment in a space maximizing cube

  • Integrally molded cubic box design enables outstanding vacuum capability with virtually no leakage and exceptional durability
  • Cabinet style provides maximum useable space
  • Swinging door allows easy access; built in locking tabs secure the door when not under vacuum
  • Analog vacuum gauge in front door allows vacuum level checking at a glance
  • Perforated shelves can be repositioned to accommodate various storage needs (additional shelves available separately)
  • Built-in ports permit attachment of up to 3 additional valves (sold separately)
  • Stackable space-saving design allows efficient use of work space
  • Eight models to choose from; 11, 23, 35, and 45 liter internal volume in clear or UV blocking amber


Cabinet Style Desiccator ModelsInternal Volume
Catalog No.Description(cu. ft.)(Liter)
F42400-4001Cabinet Vacuum Desiccator, 11L0.411
F42400-4101Cabinet Vacuum Desiccator, 11L,UV Amber0.411
F42400-4021Cabinet Vacuum Desiccator, 23L0.823
F42400-4121Cabinet Vacuum Desiccator, 23L,UV Amber0.823
F42400-4011Cabinet Vacuum Desiccator, 35L1.235
F42400-4111Cabinet Vacuum Desiccator, 35L,UV Amber1.235
F42400-4031Cabinet Vacuum Desiccator, 45L1.645
F42400-4131Cabinet Vacuum Desiccator, 45L,UV Amber1.645
Exterior DimsDoor OpeningNetShelves Incl/Max Wt/
Item No.W x D x HW x HWeightMaxShelf
F42400-400132.2 x 28.5 x 27.1cm (125/8 x 111/4 x 105/8")20.8 (81/8)23.8 x (93/8")4.2kg (9.25lb)2/43kg (6.6lb)
F42400-402142.0 x 39.7 x 28.1cm (161/2 x 155/8 x 11")29.5 (115/8) x 24.5 (95/8")8.2kg (18lb)2/45kg (11lb)
F42400-401142.0 x 39.7 x 38.1cm (161/2 x 155/8 x 15")29.5 (115/8) x 34.5 (135/8")10.8kg (23.75lb)3/55kg (11lb)
F42400-403142.0 x 39.7 x 49.1cm (161/2 x 155/8 x 193/8")29.5 (115/8) x 44.5 (171/2")12.2kg (26.75lb)3/65kg (11lb)