• Enregistreur de température des aliments

Enregistreur de température des aliments

  • Measurement Range: -60 to 250°C
  • Accuracy: ±0.5°C

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The RTR-601 is a food core temperature data logger that is effective for HACCP-compliant temperature management for food safety.

The water and oil proof design makes it ideal for use in food-processing environments. The device records temperature, measurement time, user, item, and upper/lower limit judgement result.

It is possible to automatically collect and send recorded data to a designated e-mail address or an FTP server over wireless and LAN network. 

One-Push Simple Recording

With one-push of on the device, it is possible to record temperature, measurement time, user, item, and judgement result (whether the measurement is within the set upper/lower limits).

Superior Water/Oil Resistance

With an IP68 submersible rating, the RTR-601 is perfect for use in food-processing operations.

Auto Data Collection

Recorded data in the RTR-601 can be periodically collected by the Base Unit (RTR-500NW/500AW) via wireless communication, and automatically sent to a designated e-mail address or an FTP server. This makes it perfect for seamless temperature management.

RTR-6BD Dock with Battery Charging and Communication Capabilities

The RTR-601 requires a Battery Charge Dock RTR-6BD (sold separately) to charge internal batteries. By connecting the dock to a PC with a USB cable, the dock also acts as a communication interface for setting up the RTR-601.

Available in 4 Models depending on Sensor Type

There are two types of temperature sensor: a straight rod type sensor (one-piece unit) and a cable-to-grip type sensor (easy to measure temperature in steam). Further, each type comes in two lengths: the short one having a sharp tip and the long one having a round tip.

Alarm FunctionUpper and/or lower limit settings can be made as desired for each food item. When the measured temperature exceeds a limited boundary, an alarm condition will be indicated by blinking red LED.

Using with RTR-500 Series Data Loggers

The RTR-601 can be used in conjunction with RTR-500 series loggers, which is perfect for measuring and monitoring ambient temperatures in both indoor and outdoor environments, including warehouses, refrigerators and freezers.


1- LCD Display

2- REC Button(Record)

3- MENU Button

4- ENT Button

5- Power Button

6- Cursor Buttons

7- LED

Measurement ChannelsTemperature 1ch
SensorPlatinum Resistance (Pt1000)
Measurement Units°C, °F
Measurement Range-60 to 250 °C
Accuracy±0.5 °C [ -10 to 150 °C]
±1.0 °C [ -60 to -10 °C / 150 to 250 °C]
Measurement Resolution0.1 °C
ResponsivenessThermal Time Constant: Approx. 12 sec. (in air)
Approx. 2 sec. (in agitated water)

Response Time (90%):
Approx. 60 sec. (in air)
Approx. 3 sec. (in agitated water)
Measurement / Display Interval0.5 sec.
Recording ItemsTemperature, Measurement Time, User, Item, Judgement Result
Logging Capacity1,800 readings
Recording ModeEndless (Overwrite oldest data when capacity is full)
LCD Display ItemsTemperature, Current Date/Time, User, Item, Battery Level, etc.
Communication InterfacesWireless Communication (Short Range Radio Communication)
FCC Part15 Section247 / IC RSS-210 (Frequency Range: 902 to 928 MHz, RF
Power: 7 mW)
Wireless Transmission RangeApprox. 50 meters if direct and unobstructed
PowerTwo included AAA Ni-MH batteries (Non-Contact Charging System) (*1)
Battery LifeApprox. 24 hours (for Continuous Operation with Backlight Always ON)
DimensionsH 165 mm x W 49.8 mm x D 37 mm (excluding sensor)
Sensor Length: Short type 135 mm, Long type 310 mm
WeightRTR-601-110 (Short Sensor)Approx. 135 g
RTR-601-130 (Long Sensor)Approx. 150 g
RTR-601-E10 (Cable Type Short Sensor)Approx. 185 g
RTR-601-E30 (Cable Type Long Sensor)Approx. 200 g
Operating Environment-10 to 60 °C
Waterproof CapacityIP68: Submersible
AccessoriesUser's Manual (Warranty Included)
Compatible Base Units / RepeatersBase Units: RTR-500NW / 500AW / 500 (*2)
Repeater : RTR-500
*1: A Battery Charge Dock (RTR-6BD) needs to be purchased separately.
*2: Customers wishing to use the RTR-500 as a Base Unit, please contact your local distributor for the communications protocol specifications to write your own software.