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  • Disponible dans les modèles ventilés et réfrigérés.

Modèle : 75007210

  • Heraeus Megafuge 8
  • Ventilé


Modèle : 75007213

  • Heraeus Megafuge 8R
  • Réfrigéré

Carry out clinical and research applications with the Thermo Scientific Heraeus Megafuge 8 Small Benchtop Centrifuge, featuring a smart, simple interface and exceptional capacity in a compact design—now available in both ventilated and refrigerated models.

Key Innovations

  • Secure, push-button Thermo Scientific Auto-Lock rotor exchange as little as three seconds for trouble-free installation/removal and clear chamber access for cleaning convenience
  • Biocontainment sealing options, including certified† Thermo Scientific ClickSeal lids for glove-friendly, one-handed operation
  • Optimizes bench space with maximized capacity:
    Up to 8 x 50 mL conical tubes, 24 x 5/7mL blood tubes, microplates and microtubes in swing-out configuration
    Fixed angle flexibility to spin 50mL conical tubes at over 12,000 x g or a wide range of microtubes at speeds up to 30,279 x g

Clinical Applications

  • Runs up to 24 x 5/7mL blood tubes at a time in swinging bucket configuration
  • Auto-Lock rotor exchange simplifies cleaning with full chamber access

Research Applications

  • 8 x 50mL swinging bucket rotor capacity, four microplates or 30 filtration columns for research needs
  • Auto-Lock exchange for application flexibility; go from 50mL tube to a microplate to microtubes effortlessly

Other Features

  • Ensure a peaceful laboratory with low noise levels, including just 52 dBA at performance of 17,850 rpm/ 30,279 x g (with Heraeus Megafuge 8R centrifuge)
  • One-touch operation with pre-saved protocols and alphanumeric naming
  • Highly visible backlit display for easy reading of parameters across the lab
  • Glove- and detergent-friendly interface
  • Multilingual instructions—English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish—on programming, run conditions, alerts and service messages
  • Conforms to the latest clinical and safety standards, such as UL, CE and IVD 

  Heraeus Megafuge 8 Heraeus Megafuge 8R
Swing Bucket Rotors
Max Capacity 4 x 145 mL (with TX-150 rotor) 4 x 145 mL (with TX-150 rotor)
Max Speed 4,500 rpm (with TX-150 rotor) 4,500 rpm (with TX-150 rotor)
Min Speed 300 rpm (with TX-150 rotor) 300 rpm (with TX-150 rotor)
Max RCF 3,260 x g (with TX-150 rotor) 3,260 x g (with TX-150 rotor)
Fixed Angle Rotors
Max Capacity 6 x 50 mL (with HIGHConic rotor) 6 x 50 mL (with HIGHConic rotor)
Max Speed 16,000 rpm (with MicroClick 24 rotor) 17,850 rpm (with MicroClick 24 rotor)
Min Speed 300 rpm (with MicroClick 24 rotor) 300 rpm (with MicroClick 24 rotor)
Max RCF 24,328 x g (with MicroClick 24 rotor) 30,279 x g (with MicroClick 24 rotor)
Control System Microprocessor
Drive System Direct, brushless induction drive
Rotor Locking System Auto-Lock rotor exchange
Imbalance Detection System Continuous vibration measurement, with rotor mass correction
Programs 4 direct program buttons, with alphanumeric program naming 3 direct program buttons, plus 96 additional programs accessible via folder, all with alphanumeric program naming
Pulse (Short) Run Yes
Acceleration / Deceleration Rates 2 (standard and soft)
Centrifugation Chamber Brushed stainless steel
Max Timer Range 99h 59min, Continuous
Temperature Range n/a -10°C to 40°C
Pre-Cooling Function n/a Yes, with direct button
Refrigeration System n/a CFC Free
Sound Level <58 dBA (with TX-150 rotor);
<61 dBA (with MicroClick 24 rotor)
<55 with all rotors
Other Features Certified1 ClickSeal biocontainment lids
Multilingual selection: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish
Max Power Consumption 310 W 750 W
Height (lid open) 67 cm (26.8 in) 70 cm (27.5 in)
Height (lid closed) 31 cm (12.2 in) 32 cm (12.6 in)
Width 37 cm (14.6 in) 46 cm (18.1 in)
Depth 48 cm (18.9 in) 67 cm (26.4 in)
Weight 35 kg (77 lb) 71 kg (156 lb)
Standards & Certifications
Standards IEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-020, IEC 61010-2-101, EN 61326-1
Certifications UL Listed / CE marked / IVD compliant / Certified biocontainment1