• Incubateur à CO2

Incubateur à CO2

à chemise d'eau

  • Large 6.5 cu. ft. corrosion resistant stainless steel chamber
  • Temperature range: 5°C above ambient to 55°C (131°F)
  • Temperature control: ±0.1°C

Enhanced temperature stability

Thermo Scientific water jacketed CO2 incubators deliver dependable thermal protection from swings in ambient temperature and power variations. This traditional CO2 incubator is the benchmark for reliability and uniformity.

  • Unique triple-wall construction protects against ambient temperature fluctuations
  • Large 6.5 cu. ft. corrosion resistant stainless steel chamber
  • Patented, heated dual-pane, inner-glass door minimizes condensation with improved responsiveness and faster temperature recovery
  • Internal shelves are easily installed and removed without tools for easy cleaning
  • Remote alarm contacts for connection to in-house alarm system
  • Stacking kit included for dual stack configuration
  • Choice of TC or IR sensor based CO2 control

Optional class 100 HEPA filtered air protection

  • Class 100 HEPA airflow is the preferred method of protection for water jacket incubators.
  • In-chamber HEPA air filtration system continuously filters the entire chamber volume every minute, creating cleanroom Class 100 conditions to preserve your aseptic culturing environment.
  • Add the optional in-chamber HEPA filter to effectively address airborne contaminants from routine door openings, that are the primary source of contamination in most cell culture settings.

Easy to clean

  • Polished stainless steel interior with 100% coved corners is easy to clean, saves time and reduces contamination risk.
  • Sturdy stainless steel shelves and supports can be readily removed without tools for easy cleaning, autoclaving or adjustment.
  • Patented inner-door gasket is removable and cleanable, and adjusts continually to ensure a tight seal.
  • Optional in-chamber HEPA filter snap-fits, making it easy to remove without tools.
Control ±0.1°C
Range 5°C above ambient to 55°C (131°F)*
Uniformity ±0.2°C @ 37°C (98.6°F)
Tracking Alarm User-programmable high/low
Temperature Safety
Sensor Precision thermistor
Controller Independent analog electronic
Setability 0.1%
CO2 Control Better than ±0.1%
CO2 Range 0-20%
Inlet Pressure Required 15 PSIG (1.0 bar)
CO2 Sensor TC or IR
Readability & Setability 0.1%
Tracking Alarm User-programmable low
RH Ambient to 95% @ 37°C (98.6°F)
Humidity Source 3.2 qt. (3.0 liters) standard, pan
Fill Port 3/8" hose (barbed)
Drain Port 1/4" hose (barbed)
Access Port 1.3" (3.3 cm) with removable silicone plug with filter
CO2 Inlet 1/4" hose (barbed)
Unit Heat Load
120V 344 BTU/Hr
Dimensions (W x H) inch/cm 18.5 x 18.5 (47 x 47)
Construction Stainless steel, perforated
Surface Area 2.4 sq. ft. (0.2 sq. m)
Max. per Chamber 40.8 sq. ft. (3.8 sq. m)
Standard, Maximum 4, 17
Water Jacket Volume 11.7 gal. (43.5 L)
Interior Volume 6.5 cu. ft. (184.1 L)
Interior Type 304, mirror finish, stainless steel
Exterior 18 gauge, cold-rolled steel, powder coated
Rated Voltage 120V, 60Hz (Operating range 90-125V)
Circuit Breaker/Power Switch 6 Amps/2 Pole
Plug NEMA 5-15
Alarm Contacts Power interruption; deviation of temp, CO2
Exterior (W x H x D) inch/cm 26 x 39.5 x 25 (66.8 x 100.3 x 63.5)
Interior (W x H x D) inch/cm 21.3 x 26.8 x 20 (54.1 x 68.1 x 50.8)
Net 265 lbs. (120.2 kg)
Net Operational 365 lbs. (166 kg)
Shipping 324 lbs. (147 kg)


Ordering Information
3010 Termo Scientific Water Jacket CO2 Incubator 3010, 6.5 cu. ft. capacity stainless steel chamber, w/TC CO2 sensor, 120V, 60Hz
3020 Thermo Scientific Water Jacket CO2 Incubator 3020, 6.5 cu. ft. capacity stainless steel chamber, w/IR CO2 sensor, 120V, 60Hz
190647 Roller base
1902000 HEPA filter airflow system, factory installed
190884 Stainless steel shelf kit (includes shelf channels and shelf)
237016 Stainless steel humidity pan (small)
1900067 Replacement HEPA & inline filter kit
965010 Two stage CO2 regulator
3050 External gas guard, 120V