Système de prélèvement d'échantillons cryogéniques Système cryogénique

Système cryogénique

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The Thermo Scientific Locator inventory systems makes cell sample retrieval quick and easy.

Locator Rack & Box System simplifies sample storage and retrieval with unique hanging rack and gridded box design, advanced vacuum insulation, unmatched temperature uniformity, and an innovative liquid nitrogen monitor.

SystemsCompact design minimizes space require-ments while maximizing storage capacity. Suited for both manual and computerized in-ventory record-keeping methods. Super-insu-lated vessels have special, narrow-mouth design that conserves liquid nitrogen by minimizing evaporation

  • Outstanding temperature uniformity: samples are stored below -180%C, even when less than 2" (5cm) of liquid nitro gen remains in the vessel
  • Ultrasonic Level Monitor safeguards irreplaceable samples with minimal liquid nitrogen evaporation and conduction
  • Advanced vacuum insulation minimizes liquid nitrogen evaporation and reduces operating costs• Optional monitor provides continuous LED readout of liquid nitrogen level; activates visual and audible alarms when level falls below safe range of approximately 1" (2.5cm)
  • Optional alarm also alerts operator in the event of excessive liquid nitrogen loss
  • Secure locking hasp prevents unauthorized entry


Stainless-steel indexed racks that fit into corresponding locations in the vessel. Each rack has individual storage compartments that hold one Nalgene* Cryogenic Storage Box.


Nalgene Cryogenic Storage Boxes (order separately). Each box has individually numbered storage areas for use with vials sized 2.0mL and smaller.

Locator System Carts

These Thermo Scientific carts enable easy movement of Locator system vessels. With wheels. Molded to fit snugly around vessel base.

Additional Accessories

  • Boxes, Nalgene, 2" for 1.0 and 1.5mL vials, 100 vials per box, case of 10 (CS509X24)
  • Boxes, Nalgene, 2" for 2mL vials, 81 vials per box, case of 40 (CS509X4); case of 20 (CS509X5)
  • Boxes, Nalgene, 4" for 5mL vials, 81 vials per box, each (CS509X10)
  • CryoClaw* (AY509X18)
  • Cups, Suction, 2 replacements for CryoClaw (AY509X19)
  • Logbook (LT509X5)
  • Level Monitor, 100-240V, customer-installed (CN509X1-70)
  • Rack, for 5.0mL vials (does not include boxes) (HR509X19A)
  • Vials, 1mL, case of 500 (AY509X32)
  • Vials, Cryogenic, 1.2mL, case of 500, 1.2 ml (AY509X13)
  • Vials, 1.5mL, case of 500 (AY509X33)
  • Vials, Cryogenic, 2.0mL, case of 500, 2.0 ml (AY509X12)
Cat. No.ModelCapacityVial CapacityAverage Daily ConsumptionStatic Holding TimeNo. of Racks / Boxes per Rack / Boxes per SystemExterior
(H x W)
Inside Dia. (Neck)Shipping Weight
Without Liquid Nitrogen Level Monitor
CY50925Locator Jr.60L1600 (100/box)10.85L70 days4/4/1662.2 p 55.8cm (24.5 p 22")21.5cm (8.5")40.8kg (90 lb.)
CY50935Locator 4111L3600 (100/box)20.99L112 days4/9/3690.2 p 55.8cm (35.5 p 22")21.5cm (8.5")52.2kg (115 lb.)
CY50945Locator 8111L1800 (25/box)30.6L185 days8/9/7295.3 p 55.8cm (35.5 p 22")15cm (6")53.1kg (117 lb.)
With Liquid Nitrogen Level Monitor
CY50955Locator Jr.60L1600 (100/box)10.85L70 days4/4/1662.2 p 55.8cm (24.5 p 22")21.5cm (8.5")40.8kg (90 lb.)
CY50965Locator 4111L3600 (100/box)20.99L112 days4/9/3690.2 p 55.8cm (35.5 p 22")21.5cm (8.5")52.2kg (115 lb.)
CY50975Locator 8111L1800 (25/box)30.6L185 days8/9/7295.3 p 55.8cm (35.5 p 22")15cm (6")53.1kg (117 lb.)

† 1.2/2mL Nalgene* cryogenic vials09_Static evaporation rates and holding times are based on new vessel performance, without any product load, or lid openings, and in a controlled environment. Actual working performance will vary with individual applications. Excludes supply tank evaporation. Total LN2 consumption will vary greatly depending on product loads, lid openings, fill cycles, and supply tank evaporation rate.