• Systèmes de purification de l'eau

Systèmes de purification de l'eau

Smart H2O for you and your science

Pure water is elemental to the success of your experiments. But finding the right water system for your research goes deeper than water quality alone. You need a smart choice that supports both your science and your budget – not only on day 1, but with every cartridge and filter change. One that reflects 130 years of innovations, like feed water monitoring, hands-free dispensing and effortless cartridge change-outs. With a Thermo Scientific Barnstead lab water system, the only thing you’ll have in your water is confidence.


  • Ergonomic designs improve control and put advanced features at your fingertips
  • Feed water monitoring protects against crucial fluctuations that compromise purity
  • UV intensity monitoring reduces the risk of false TOC readings


  • Choose from compact systems with numerous mounting options and flexible dispensing features
  • Customize equipment to your preferred settings with tilting control panels and a selection of stand-alone models on wheels
  • Mix and match systems to achieve specific water purity and volumes as required by your unique application and water source


  • Order with one part number and receive a complete system
  • Quick-change cartridge designs offer easy maintenance
  • Our experts can select the right system for you with the Thermo Scientific H2O Select analysis program

Our water experts make selecting the right system easy!

Request a complimentary H2O Select analysis kit and let our experts recommend the ideal water system for your application, based on your feed water quality, laboratory applications, volume requirements and budget. 

Type 1 Ultrapure (18.2 megohm)

Flexible array of easy-to-use systems designed to provide the Type 1 water you need

Up to 200 L/day
Barnstead GenPure xCAD Plus • Remote dispenser provides full system control and outstanding flexibility
• TOC with UV intensity and feed water monitoring
• Volumetric dispensing
• Flexible mounting options
• Can add up to two more dispensers to system
Pretreated To Type 1
Barnstead GenPure Pro • Flexible dispensing
• TOC with UV intensity and feed water monitoring
• Volumetric dispensing
Barnstead GenPure • Variable flow dispensing
• TOC with UV intensity and feed water monitoring
• Flexible mounting options
Up to 15 L/day Barnstead MicroPure • Compact system
• Feed water monitoring
• Variable flow dispensing
Up to 300 L/day
Barnstead E-Pure
• Simple design
• Easy maintenance
Pretreated To Type 1
Tap to Type 1
Up to 200 L/day Barnstead LabTower EDI 

• Stand-alone system
• Utilizes EDI technology
• Integrated 100 L tank with recirculation to optimize purity
• Bottom-mounted rollers
• Produces both Type 1 and 2 water
Tap To Type 1
Up to 70 L/day Barnstead Smart2Pure • Compact system
• Optional remote dispenser
• Integrated 6 L tank for 3 and 6 L/hr models; 30 or 60 L tank options for 12 L/hr model
• Produces both Type 1 and 2 water

Type 2 Pure

A variety of solutions for your tap to Type 2 water needs

Up to 40 L/hr
Barnstead Pacific TII • Flexible mounting options
• Available with 30, 60, or 100 L tank
• Optional UV lamp
• Tank water recirculates to maintain purity
• Optional remote dispenser
Tap To Type 2
Barnstead LabTower TII • Compact system
• Stand-alone system
• Integrated 100 L tank
• Optional UV lamp
• Bottom-mounted rollers
• Tank level is user set
• Optional remote dispenser
Up to 13 L/hr Barnstead Mega-Pure Still • All-glass still
• High temp cut-off standard
• Optional Automatic Control of System (ACS)
Up to 38 L/hr
Barnstead Classic Still
• Tin-lined still
• Double-walled boiler
• Q-baffle removes pyrogens
• Includes low water cut-off
• Optional steam model

Reverse Osmosis

Economical and effective RO solutions

Up to 40 L/hr
Barnstead Pacific RO • Flexible mounting options
• Available with 30, 60, or 100 L tank
• Optional remote dispenser
Tap To RO
Barnstead LabTower RO • Compact system
• Stand-alone system
• Integrated 100 L tank
• Bottom-mounted rollers
• Optional remote dispenser

Cartridge and Filter Systems

Exceptional value and versatility

Up to 4 L/min
Barnstead B-Pure Cartridge System • Single, half-size or double holders
• Purity meters available
• Quick-release canisters
Pressurized Tap
Up to 1 L/min

Barnstead Hose Nipple Cartridge System
• Color change when cartridge is exhausted
• Simple to use and maintain
• Easily customized
Non-Pressurized Tap
Up to ‹ 0.5 L/min
Bantam Deionizer Cartridge System • Purity meter included
• Flexible mounting options

Choose a water type to match any application

Type 1 Ultrapure Type 2 Pure Reverse Osmosis Cartridge and Filter Systems
Organic and inorganic trace analysis
Chromatography (ie. HPLC, UPLC, LC-MS, IC, GC)
Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy (ICP)
Mass Spectroscopy (MS)
Atomic Absorption (AA)
Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
Genomics (ie. PCR, DNA, IVF)
Proteomics (ie. crystallography, electrophoresis)
Immunology (ie. monoclonal antibody production, blots)
Cell and tissue culture media
Drug discovery
Molecular biology and microbiology
Media prep
Buffer prep
Chemical and biochemical reagent prep
Feeding Type 1 systems
Feeding general lab equipment
Glassware washing/rinsing