• Marqueurs permanents

Marqueurs permanents


No-smear pens can write on almost anything—perfect for marking samples

Produce precise lines of 0.3-mm width. Perfect marking pens for lab samples, microscope slides, photographic slides, glass and plastic beakers, and plastic sample bags. Writes on all surfaces including glass, film, wood, plastic, metal, rubber, and porcelain. Unique stainless-steel long leg allows precise writing in a limited space. Instant writing, long storage time, and dry-out prevention are assured by an airtight ring seal cap.

Permanent ink dries in a split second and is waterproof and fade proof. Colors are opaque black, vivid red, blue, and green. Thinnest permanent line ever developed is sharp, precise, and clear.


Cat. No. Color & Quantity Size
CO3050-000 6 black, 2 red, 2 blue, 2 green 0.3mm
CO3051-000 Black / 6 pack 0.3mm
CO3052-000 Red / 6 pack 0.3mm
CO3053-000 Blue / 6 pack 0.3mm
CO3054-000 Green / 6 pack 0.3mm