• Agitateur rotatif

Agitateur rotatif

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Multi-Mix has the capability to perform three modes of mixing, all of which are programmable and can all be used in the same "run". Or, if you just want to rotationally mix, set the unit to rotate. It is very simple to operate and program, runs can be programmed in seconds. You can mix many different sizes of tubes ranging from 1.5 ml to 50 ml with the two interchangeable mixing platforms that come standard with the unit. Tubes are held in-place with unique rubber flexible grippers; that surround and firmly hold tubes of varying diameters.

The UNMTR22 can mix in the following motions:
  1. Rotate 360°, forward or reverse, and forward, then reverse
  2. Reciprocating Rocker, back and forth like a traditional rocker
  3. Vortex, (cavitate)


Tube Capacity, Two Platforms:
  • Platform 1: 22 Tubes: 1.5 ml - 15 ml (Installed)
  • Platform 2: Six, 50 ml Tubes and Two 1.5 - 15 ml Tubes (Included)


  • RPM: Variable from 5 – 30 RPM
  • Timer: Up to 999 Seconds, max mixing time: 12 hours
  • Reciprocating Timer: Up to 999 Seconds
  • Rotation Angle in Reciprocation Mode: 15° - 90° (in 15° increments)
  • Turning angle vortex mode: 1 to 5
  • Vortexing times: 1 to 5
  • Maximum timer: 12 hours
  • Power: 110 / 220 V