Station de comptage automatisée de colonies

Station de comptage automatisée de colonies

  • UVP - ColonyDoc-It
  •  Appareil photo numérique couleur intégré de 12,1 mégapixels
  • Filtres avec des tailles de 33-150mm
  • Objectif : zoom optique 6x, zoom numérique 4x

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ColonyDoc-It™ imaging station


One, two, three ~ Count!

The intuitive user interface enables users to quickly capture and count colonies. Simply ...

  1. Place the colonies in the station and turn on the appropriate light
  2. Capture a high resolution colony image
  3. Click a button to automatically count the colonies

It’s that simple! Once the colony plate is illuminated, the software interface controls
the camera for fast image capture. Click the start colony counting button to enable
automatic colony counting.


Uses and applications

The station is designed to automatically count bacterial, yeast, and mold colonies and decreases the time to count plates. Colony samples are found in air, water, food and cosmetics.

Applications include:

  • Fluids contamination
  • Microbiology studies
  • Antibiotic testing
  • Hygiene studies


It’s all about the colonies
The innovative, compact design enables users to process automated, fast and accurate colony counting. The high resolution digital color camera allows users to capture white light and fluorescent marked colonies and a wide array of samples. The sophisticated yet intuitive system offers researchers easy detection and analysis of media. n Compact darkroom is perfect for limited lab space n Digital color camera has high resolution 12.1 megapixel resolution n User selected light sources illuminate a wide range of media
  • Slide the filter selector to one of two positions; choose from a wide range of optional emission filters
  • Plate alcove accommodates pour, spread and spiral plates and filters with sizes from 33-150mm
  • Colony sizes as small as 0.08mm can be identified
  • Software loads on a computer to control the camera and colony counting functions (computer optional)
  • Fast automatic and accurate colony counting can be generated along with detailed statistics
  • Parameters can be defined including eight color differentiation and filter by group or size
  • Split, merge, add and delete colonies
  • A removable door (not shown) creates a darkroom environment when imaging colonies with GFP fluorescence

    Easy to use software interface for automated colony counting.


Light up the colonies

When colony samples require different light sources, the ColonyDoc-It enables the easy selection of bright LED lighting. Select from one or multiple light sources:

  • Darkfield
  • Epi and transillumination white ligh
  • Epi blue light

The epi blue light and the optional GFP filter enable users to visualize GFP fluorescence detection


Capture the colonies

The integrated 12.1 megapixel digital color camera lets users quickly capture the smallest details in the colony sample. There is no need to adjust camera buttons, since the camera is controlled by the software. The auto focus feature enables fast image capture.

Fig. 1. The E-coli colonies are visible after overnight incubation. Under the excitation light from the epi blue light (~470nm),these bacteria colonies fluoresce green. The emission is filtered by a GFP filter.


Count the colonies

The software loads on the user’s computer for camera control, image capture and colony counting. The Colony Doc-It software provides automatic, semi-automatic and manual colony counting capabilities. Users can define specific counting parameters including color differentiation and identify filters by group or size. Users can create templates for specific camera settings, allowing the same settings to be selected each time a new experiment is run. Once the colonies are counted, the results display on the screen. In addition to colony counting, the easy to use software offers many image enhancements, annotation and reporting tools. Images can be saved in multiple file formats and the data can be exported to Excel or other programs. The software supports compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.


Automated, accurate colony counting!

Technical Support
UVP provides customers with support from a world wide network of Customer Service Representatives, Distribution Partners and Technical Support. Live, on-line technical assistance and training are available. Software support is available for the ColonyDoc-It software to ensure researchers obtain validated colony counting data.

IQ/OQ Documentation
UVP offers Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) documentation for on-site installation and operation of the ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station that will enable scientists and researchers to easily comply with the FDA and other regulatory bodies. The documents integrate Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) requirements for equipment used to produce image analysis data and are consistent with 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 11. 
Contact UVP for information.

Ordering Information
Station includes: ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station*, Digi Camera 105 digital color camera**, counting/capture software (compatible with Windows 2000 SP4 or XP Pro SP3)