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Transilluminateur UV

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Exclusive 25-watt tubes provide high intensity performance and uniform UV illumination. Large format models offer filter sizes up to 20x40cm. Select from single UV wavelength or 2UV models 302nm and 365nm UV in one unit.

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Main features
  • Increased ultraviolet output and intensity
  • No light flicker
  • Wider intensity range with variable selection (select models)
  • Fast lamp start up
  • Universal power supply
  • Reduced electrical consumption
  • Longer tube life
  • Lighter weight
  • Improved gel visualization and gel documentation
  • High performance 25-watt UV tubes for high fluorescence and sensitivity on stained gels
  • Stainless steel cover frame provide an easy clean surface and reduces cross contamination of samples
  • Uniform, brilliant back-lit fluorescence illumination is enhanced with UVP's unique background uniformity screen and UVG long-life filter
  • Uniformity screen is available on units with midrange or longwave UV
  • The transilluminator's powerful cooling fan maintains a low filter surface temperature to prevent sample damage and maintains a constant UV intensity
  • The removable and adjustable protective UV blocking cover is included with each transilluminator
  • Transilluminators carry a two-year warranty


IntensitySelect models offer single intensity other models include variable intensity. Refer to the part numbers tab for information.
Variable intensity settings - High / Medium / LowHigh setting allows for UV excitation of fluorophores on gels for routine photography. Medium is excellent for viewing and quick single-band excision. Low setting allows for positioning and preparation of gels, excising multiple bands, and focusing for photography.
UV Source254nm, 302nm or 365nm - Refer to the Part Numbers tab for ordering information
Watts25 watts
All Benchtop models (except 3UV and M-10)13.25D x 19.13W x 5.63H in. (337 x 486 x 143mm)
Height includes UV blocking cover
3UV11.25D x 14W x x 6H in.
Height includes UV blocking cover
M-107.25D x 10.25W x 4.5H in.
Height includes UV blocking cover
Weight: 21 lb. (9.6 kg)


  • Gel Tools
  • Converter Plates
  • DigiDoc-It Systems


Part Numbers
Variable UV Intensity
110-115V 230V Model Intensity Style Wavelength Filter Size
95-0420-01 95-0420-02 TFL-40V Variable 365nm 20x40cm
95-0423-01 95-0423-02 TFM-20V Variable 302nm 20x20cm
95-0422-01 95-0422-02 TFM-26V Variable 302nm 21x26cm
95-0424-01 95-0424-02 TFM-30V Variable302nm 25x30cm
95-0421-01  95-0421-02 TFM-40V Variable 302nm 20x40cm
95-0427-0195-0427-02 TFS-20V Variable 254nm 20x20cm
95-0428-01 95-0428-02 TFS-26V Variable 254nm  21x26cm
95-0429-01 95-0429-02 TFS-30V Variable254nm 25x30cm
95-0430-01 95-0430-02TFS-40V Variable 254nm 20x40cm
95-0425-0195-0425-02 TFML-26Single 302/365nm 21x26cm
95-0426-01  95-0426-02 TFML-40 Single 302/365nm 20x40cm
95-0431-01  95-0431-02 TFML-20 Single 302/365nm 20x20cm
95-0432-01 95-0432-02 TFML-30  Single302/365nm25x30cm


Replacement Tubes
Replacement Tube34-0073-0125-watt, 254nm
Replacement Tube34-0072-0125-watt, 302nm
Replacement Tube34-0060-0125-watt, 365nm