• Simple - choisir le test, insérer l'échantillon, lire les résultats
  • Stocke jusqu'à 20 protocoles de test
  • Stocke jusqu'à 200 résultats de test

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The VICAM Series-4EX Fluorometer is simple to operate. At the touch of a button, you identify the mycotoxin to be measured.

After isolating the mycotoxin using VICAM’s immunoaffinity column, insert the sample into the fluorometer. It then reads the fluorescence and displays results. Simply and efficiently, the Series-4EX is able to measure total mycotoxin levels in samples prepared using VICAM’s mycotoxin columns.

Expanded features support a simple, versatile interface for Series-4EX users. Calibrate with reusable, environmentally- friendly standards while eliminating the use and storage of live toxins on-site. An integrated timer prompts recalibration at user-specified intervals, while the illuminated display leads users step-by-step through calibration and testing procedures.

The VICAM Series-4EX Fluorometer accurately measures extremely low ppt concentrations of mycotoxins in samples prepared using VICAM’s columns. Expanded data storage capacity allows for storage of all the VICAM mycotoxin test protocols and calibration levels, as well as up to 200 test results. Results are displayed in ppm, ppb, ppt, mg/kg, μg/ kg, or ng/kg concentration units.


  • Simple – Choose test, insert sample, read results
  • Comprehensive – Stores up to 20 test protocols, 200 test results, and calibration parameters for each test protocol
  • Accurate – Digital readout in ppm, ppb, ppt, mg/kg, μg/kg or ng/kg
  • Durable – Over 200,000 tests without a lamp change
  • Stable – Extended period without a lamp change
  • Versatile – Can be used over a wide range of ambient conditions


Expanded Internal Memory 

  • Stores up to 20 test protocols
  • Stores up to 200 test results

Edit Test and Create Test Capability

  • Custom additions and changes to test protocols by keypad entry

Integral Printer

  • Detailed copies of test results
  • Printout of cumulative test data
  • Record of system and protocol status
  • Allows for Chinese characters and graphics

USB Port Interface

  • Easy update of system software, no more ROM card to replace

Enclosed Cabinet

  • Dust contamination minimized

Temperature and Voltage Compensated Electronics

  • Measurement accuracy over a wide range of ambient conditions

Advanced CPU

  • Faster microprocessor controller chip allows for selfdiagnosis checks to verify system functioning within required parameters

Long Term Stability

  • Extended period between calibrations

External Power Supply

  • Guarantees UL and international voltage compatibility
  • Can be used in any domestic or international location

Long-life Xenon Lamp

  • Over 200,000 tests without lamp changes