12 Volt DC High Performance Pump Line, Pump

12 Volt DC High Performance Pump Line

  • PROACTIVE - High Performance Plastic Pump Line

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12 Volt DC High Performance pump line offers improved time efficiency, greater sample accuracy and makes for a more enjoyable groundwater sampling and monitoring experience.


Portable use for purging, well development, and low flow groundwater sampling


  • Run pump system from battery installed in your vehicle or a portable 12 Volt AGM battery. Please inquire for the best suitable portable battery for your pump system
  • Proactive® power booster or low flow with power booster controller models are required with this pump line. Note that power booster 1 and power booster 2 do not provide variable flow rate. If you are considering using the high performance pump for low flow sampling then select the low flow with power booster controller compatible with the pump of choice
  • EPA low flow sampling compliant
  • Control pump flow rate as low as 40-100 ml/s per minute
  • To get lower flow thon 40-100 ml/s per minute consider using our low flow valve in conjunction with the controller (Note: do not valve these pumps without the use appropriate Low Flow with Power Booster controller)
  • Low flow valve sold separately- please inquire
  • Backflow-prevention. Ask about our non-return check valve

Engineering and Design

  • Designed for harsh groundwater conditions
  • Manufactured using 100% virgin plastic
  • PVC coated wire
  • Each pump cornes field-ready complete with wire, connectors and dome-shaped filter installed
  • Rated for 400 hours under harsh conditions. (Customers who use these pumps primarily for purge volume and low flow sampling report getting double to triple the 400 hours!)
  • Sleek dome-shape pump head minimizes well hang-ups
  • Auto priming and field-ready right from the box (no priming needed!)
  • Can run continuously in water without the need for a cool down! (not recommended for 24+ hour pump test)

Mega-Typhoon® Pump

Lift: 80 feet / 24 meters DTW

Item : P-10350

Tsunami® Pump

Lift: 100 feet / 31 meters DTW

Item : P-10400

Supernova® 120 Pump

Lift: 120 feet / 37 meters DTW

Item : PSN-10100

Monsoon® Pump

Lift: 120 feet / 37 meters DTW

Item : P-10500

Hurricane® Pump

Lift: 150 feet / 46 meters DTW

Item : P-10510

Mega-Monsoon® Pump

Lift: 200 feet / 61 meters DTW

Item : P-10520


* Depth to water (DTW)