Low Flow Sampling Controller

Low Flow Sampling Controller

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Low Flow Sampling Controller

The Proactive® Low Flow Sampling Controller is engineered specifically for the Standard Engineered Plastic Pump Line, which includes the Cyclone®, Mini-Typhoon®, Typhoon®, Tempest/Twister®, Mini-Monsoon®, Super Twister®, Tornado®, Supernova 70®, Abyss®, and Abyss Slimline® plastic pumps. With the Low Flow Sampling Controller, the user can precisely control the water discharge with the turn of a knob.



  • EPA low flow sampling compliant
  • Light weight: 6 pounds
  • Safe to use: 12 volt battery energy source
  • No gas generators, air canisters or compressors needed
  • Easy as 1-2-3 to use: Lower your plastic standard pump in the well to desired depth. Connect the pump connector to the controller connector. Connect the controller alligator clamps to the battery and you are ready to Sample Like a Champ®

Engineering and Design

  • Constructed of heavy-duty reinforced plastic weatherproof case
  • 7 foot wire lead to battery clamps and 8 foot wire leads to pump connector
  • Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) Protects batteries from over discharging. Should your pump shut off it's an indication you may not have enough AMPS output for the pump system
  • Resettable breaker incorporated into controller
  • 'Romp Up' variable speed and low flow contrai dial
  • 6 months parts and labor warranty