12 Volt Plastic Standard Pump Line, Pump

12 Volt Plastic Standard Pump Line

  • PROACTIVE - 12 Volt Standard Plastic Pump Line

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The 12 Volt Plastic Standard Pump Line offers improved time efficiency, greater sample accuracy, and makes for a more enjoyable groundwater sampling and monitoring experience.


Portable use for purging, purge sample,or low flow sampling


  • Auto priming and field-ready right from the box (no priming needed!)
  • Simple to use: Connect tubing, connect pump to 12 volt DC source, and it's ready to work
  • Designed for harsh groundwater conditions
  • Sleek dome shape designed to minimize well hang-up
  • Each pump cornes field-ready complete with wire, connectors, dome-shaped inlet filter screen installed, along with quick-connector alligator clamps to connect directly to a 12 volt battery
  • Rated for 400+ hours under harsh conditions. (Customers who use these pumps primarily for purge volume and low flow sampling report getting double to triple the 400 hours!)
  • Can run continuously in water without the need for a cool down! (not recommended for 24+ hour pump test - please inquire for pumps that are designed for 24+ hour pump tests)


  • Manufactured using l 00% virgin plastic, PVC coated wire
  • Run pump directly from your vehicle battery, Proactive ® 60 Amp Power Pack or portable 12 Volt AGM battery (Please inquire for suitoble portable bottery for your pump)
  • EPA low flow sampling compliant when used with the Proactive Environmental Products ® Low Flow Sampling Controller
  • Ali plastic standard pumps are compatible with Proactive ® Low Flow Sampling Controller that con achieve 40- l 00 ml/s per minute
  • To get lower flow thon 40- l 00 ml/s per minute consider using Proactive ® low flow valve in conjunction with the controller. (NOTE: do not valve pump without the use of Proactive ® Law Flow Sompling Contra/Ier)
  • Low flow valve sold separately - please inquire
  • Backflow-prevention available. Ask about our non-return check valves

Cyclone® Pump

Lift: 25 feet / 8 meters DTW

Item : P-10100

Mini-Typhoon® Pump

Lift: 40 feet / 12 meters DTW

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Typhoon® Pump

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Tempest/Twister® Pump

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Mini-Monsoon® Pump

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Supernova® 70

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Abyss® Pump

Lift: 220 feet / 67 meters DTW

Item : P-10380

Proactive® Low Flow Sampling Controller

Item : PA-10800


* Depth to water (DTW)