H/HS Flumes

H/HS Flumes

  • Watershed Runoff
  • Agricultural Water Runoff
  • To measure very small flows 

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Originally developed to measure agricultural water runoff, H flumes have a "V" shaped design that allows for measurement of a wide flow range. 

Often used to measure irrigation water, snow melt, holding pond overflow, industrial process discharge, and sanitary/storm sewer discharge.

HS Flumes are designed to measure very small flows with a high degree of accuracy; please refer to HL Flumes for large flows.

Item #

Item Name


Minimum Flow Range

Maximum Flow Range

GE-HFL-.50H 0.50 Feet (ft) Size H Flume0.50 ft1 gpm115 gpm
GE-HFL-.75H 0.75 Feet (ft) Size H Flume0.75 ft1 gpm350 gpm
GE-HFL-1.0H 1.0 Feet (ft) Size H Flume1.0 ft2 gpm720 gpm
GE-HFL-1.5H 1.5 Feet (ft) Size H Flume1.5 ft2 gpm1580 gpm
GE-HFL-2.0H 2.0 Feet (ft) Size H Flume2.0 ft5 gpm3640 gpm
GE-HFL-2.5H 2.5 Feet (ft) Size H Flume2.5 ft5 gpm6780 gpm
GE-HFL-3.0H 3.0 Feet (ft) Size H Flume3.0 ft5 gpm11175 gpm
GE-HFL-4.5H 4.5 Feet (ft) Size H Flume4.5 ft5 gpm28675 gpm
GE-HSFL-.40HS 0.4 Feet (ft) Size H Flume0.4 ft1 gpm30 gpm
GE-HSFL-.60HS 0.6 Feet (ft) Size H Flume0.6 ft1 gpm80 gpm
GE-HSFL-.80HS 0.8 Feet (ft) Size H Flume0.8 ft1 gpm175 gpm
GE-HSFL-1.0HS 1.0 Feet (ft) Size H Flume1.0 ft1 gpm305 gpm
GE-HLFL-3.0HL 3.0 Feet (ft) Size H Flume3.0 ft5 gpm20950 gpm
GE-HLFL-4.0HL 4.0 Feet (ft) Size H Flume4.0 ft10 gpm38550 gpm