O2, CO, CO2, High Accuracy gas sensor

O2, CO, CO2, temperature and humidity data logger

  • High Accuracy gas sensor
  • Mini USB interface connections
  • Auto Power Off

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Measures and logs Oxygen(O2)、Carbon Monoxide(CO)、Carbon Dioxide(CO2),relative humidity, and temperature
High Accuracy gas sensor
Max/Min and average value display
Adjustable audible O2, CO, and CO2 alarm
Display with backlight Adjustable auto power-off function
Mini USB interface connections
Auto Power Off


O2 Measurement

Oxygen Range

1﹣30% vol.O2

Oxgen Resolution


Oxygen Respond Time

<15 Seconds

CO Measurement

Carbon Monoxide(CO) Range

0﹣1000 ppm

Carbon Monoxide(CO) Accuracy


Carbon Monoxide(CO) Resolution

1 ppm

Carbon Monoxide(CO) Respond time

<2 Seconds

CO2, Measurement

Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Range

0﹣9999ppm CO2

Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Resolution

1 ppm

Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Accuracy

±75ppm or ±5% of reading

Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Respond time

120 Seconds

Temperature & Humidity Measurement

Temperature Range

0℃ to 50℃(32℉ to 122℉)

Temperature Resolution


Temperature Accuracy


Humidity Range

0 to 100% RH

Humidity Resolution


Humidity Accuracy

±3.5%RH @ 20 to 80% RH ±5%RH @ 0 to 20%RH or 80 to 100%RH

Operate Environment

0℃ to 50℃(32℉ to 122℉)at<90%RH