Peristaltic sampling pump with built-in rechargeable batteryPeristaltic sampling pump with built-in rechargeable battery

Peristaltic sampling pump with built-in rechargeable battery

  • Built For Field Use

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Peristaltic sampling pump
with built-in rechargeable battery

The Ezyflow Peristaltic Pump offer the advantage of simplicity in the field and the only component which is dedicated to the monitoring well is typically a piece of small diameter tubing which is very inexpensive. Additionally, flow with these pumps can be regulated easily making them quite suitable for low flow sampling as long as they are shallow wells.

Peristaltic pumps have long been used for groundwater sampling. These pumps have a number of advantages over other types of devices, but they also have some limitations.

Although peristaltic pumps are quite easy to use, their application in the field is more limited than other devices. Peristaltic pumps work by reducing the pressure in the sample tubing. Water must then rise up the tubing to equalize the pressure differential because the bottom end of the tube is open. The maximum theoretical vacuum that a peristaltic pump can create is -1 atmosphere, which at sea level is equal to 14.7 psi and equivalent to a 32 foot water column. In reality, the maximum lift the best peristaltic pumps generate in the field is about 27 feet (8.2 m) at sea level and this will decrease with increasing elevation.

Since peristaltic pumps apply a negative pressure to the water column, care must be used when collecting samples for VOC analysis since degassing is a possibility.


  • Robust case and carrying handle
  • Case is IP54 Rated
  • Pump head is on end of case
  • Simple and easy loading of peristaltic tubing
  • Reversible direction and adjustable speed
  • Contains a rechargeable battery
  • Illuminated “ON/OFF” indicator
  • Unit has an AC Adapter

Easy To Use Pump Head

The peristaltic tubing is simply placed into the pump head channel and the head is then closed by moving the lever over to the opposite position. Sample tubing is attached to the peristaltic tube and the unit may be turned on.


Dimensions17.5"L x 8"W x 8.5"H
Weight21 lbs (10 kg)
Compatible Tubing SizesMasterflex sizes 15 and 24
Approximate Flow Rate0-1700 ml/min