Niskin Water Sampler

Niskin Water Sampler

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Non-metallic free-flushing sampling bottles activated by GO Devil messenger (1000-MG) when individually or serially attached to hydrocable. Sequential closure by remote command with model 1015 Rosette® multibottle array, or with model AR1015 Acoustic Command Control option.



  • MOUNTING: Cable clamps on 1.2- to 12-liter bottles are for cable diameters up to and including 6.4mm (1/4"). Clamps on larger bottles are for diameters up to and including 8.0mm (5/16").
  • MATERIAL: Non-metallic construction of PVC tube section, end stoppers, handles and cable clamp blocks (aluminum on 30-liter bottle). Delrin stopcocks, air vent screws and push rod. Stainless steel cable clamps. End stopper closure band of latex tubing. Buna-N a-ring seals (other materials available). Nylon monofilament lanyards.
  • END CLOSURE: Stopper with spherical section sealing surface held firmly against a-ring seal by internal latex tubing.
  • DRAINAGE: Thumbscrew air vent at top. Stopcock at base: 4.7mm (.187") diameter, except for 20- and 30-liters bottles, which have a second, larger basal stopcock (9.52mm, .375mm) for rapid drainage.
  • OPTIONAL: Teflon coating, stainless steel springs with Teflon or epoxy coating.


Order Information

Part NumberWater Sampler Sizes (liters)Clear Polycarb. Housing3-Therm. Rev Assy
101001.21.2Standard HousingWithout (Standard)
101001.71.7Standard HousingWithout (Standard)
101002.52.5Standard HousingWithout (Standard)
1010055Standard HousingWithout (Standard)
1010088Standard HousingWithout (Standard)
10101010Standard HousingWithout (Standard)
1010-1212Standard HousingWithout (Standard)
10102020Standard HousingWithout (Standard)
10103030Standard HousingWithout (Standard)
1010-EVALSampler EvaluationStandard HousingWithout (Standard)
101001.2R1.2Standard HousingWith 3-Therm Assy
101001.7R1.7Standard HousingWith 3-Therm Assy
101002.5R2.5Standard HousingWith 3-Therm Assy
101005R5Standard HousingWith 3-Therm Assy
101008R8Standard HousingWith 3-Therm Assy
101010R10Standard HousingWith 3-Therm Assy
101012R12Standard HousingWith 3-Therm Assy
101020R20Standard HousingWith 3-Therm Assy
101030R30Standard HousingWith 3-Therm Assy
101001.7P1.7Clear HousingWithout (Standard)
101002.5P2.5Clear HousingWithout (Standard)