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Cubis Precision Balance / Scales

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Standard, Personalized, or Fully Customized? Your Choice

Since its launch in 2009, our Cubis range of premium lab balances has become the benchmark for use in regulated sectors that impose the highest requirements, such as in global pharmaceutical labs.

The choice is all yours: you decide exactly what you need

The first series of lab balances to feature a completely modular design, Cubis enables you to combine your choice of display and control unit, weighing module, data interface module, and much more. Configure your lab balance just the way you want it by selecting from the widest variety of options available. As a result, you will obtain the best equipment solution for integration into your process.

Cubis individual | App-solutely Individual

The unique Cubis individual concept lets you create a customized profile for your specific app requirements – without having to use a laptop! Start off by integrating data into your software infrastructure and continue right on up to implementing complete control of your weighing process. The benefits for you: fast, clearly defined workflows and no errors. And you can accomplish all this with our Q-Apps, which you can install anytime and anywhere you need them.

APC: Advanced Pharma Compliance

Featuring an integrated package of Advanced Pharma Compliance (APC) functions, Cubis will provide you with full support in obtaining qualified results. These APC functions are designed to help you perfect monitoring of your weighing equipment and processes and ensure the compatibility and traceability of your data.