Wireless Base Station

Wireless Base Station

  • With Direct USB Connection to PC
  • Can be used as a Repeater
  • Used with all RTR-500 Data Loggers

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This wireless base station can be connected to your PC via USB and with the supplied software you can easily collect and transfer recorded data from loggers as well and monitor for current readings and warnings.

It can also be used as a repeater for our RTR-500 Series.

Auto-Download Recorded Data

This allows you to automatically collect recorded data from loggers to a PC.

Monitoring for Current Readings and Warnings

It is possible to view current readings from and get warnings to your PC, send warning e-mails as well as send recorded data and current readings to an FTP server, including our free T&D WebStorage Server.

Easily Manage Up to 20 Groups x 32 Loggers

In each group it is possible to manage up to 32 separate data loggers (remote units),and up to 30 repeaters can be added to each group.

* For RTR-574 and RTR-576, registration of one unit will be counted as two units.

Use a Repeater to Expand Communication Range

The communication range between logger and base is about 150 meters (500 ft),but for RTR-500 Series this can be easily extended by adding RTR-500 units as repeaters. 

FunctionalityWireless Base Station / Repeater
Comm InterfacesUSB, Serial, Optical, Short Range Wireless
Warning NotificationsE-mail, Software/Browser
PowerAA Alkaline Battery x 2, AC Adaptor, External Power
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: -10 to 60°C (-30 to 60°C with external power connected) Humidity: 90%RH or less (no condensation)
DimensionsH:96mm × W:65mm × D:25mm
Waterproof CapacityNone
AccessoriesAntenna, USB Mini-B Cable, etc.