All-in-One Wireless Temperature and Humidity Loggers

All-in-One Wireless Temperature and Humidity Loggers

  • TandD - RTR-503B / RTR503BL
  • Wireless radio communication range with compatible base units of up to 150m (500ft).

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The all-in-one sensor for RTR503B has a temperature measurement range of 0-55℃ and can measure humidity from 10 to 95%RH.

The RTR-503 logger has an external sensor to measure temperature and humidity levels simultaneously. The unit is splash-proof and can withstand environments with high temperatures and humidity levels. It works with all RTR-500 series data loggers.

Special Features

The RTR503B loggers have a wireless radio communication range with compatible base units of up to 150m (500ft).

Data can be transmitted from a logger to a base unit, then automatically uploaded to cloud storage or saved to a specific location. Data can also be verified on your PC screen or on-site with one of our compatible data loggers.

The RTR503B, with its wireless radio communication capabilities, is perfect for applications where the temperature and humidity of various measurement points are managed at the same time, such as in temperature-controlled storage facilities and warehouses.

Data collection via wireless communication with a base unit

Our RTR500B series data loggers function as remote units and must be used with one of our collection devices (base unit).

The collected data can then be transmitted to a PC, our free cloud service, or your FTP server using a variety of methods such as USB, LAN, and 3G network. In addition, various functions such as tracking current readings and warning notifications make it a powerful data management system.

*Select a base unit according to the type and scale of the measurement environment. 

Measures and records temperature and humidity in a wider range with greater accuracy

 (RTR507B / RTR507BL / RTR-574-S / RTR-576-S)

The sensor provided for the S model offers a superior accuracy of ±2.5%RH.

The measurement range for temperature is -25 to 70°C and 0 to 99%RH for humidity.

RTR-503BL Temperatur- und Feuchtelogger - Hygiena Messtechnik

The all-in-one sensor for RTR503BL has a temperature measurement range of 0 to 55°C and can measure humidity from 10 to 95% RH, plus you get an extended battery life of up to 4 years.

  • Channels Temperature 1ch, Humidity 1ch
  • Temperature range: 0 to 55°C
  • Humidity: 10 to 95%RH
  • Communication Interfaces: Optical, Short Range Wireless, Bluetooth 4.2 (Bluetooth Low Energy)

RTR501B / 502B / 503B / 507B Specifications


RTR501B / 501BL

RTR502B / 502BL

RTR503B / 503BL

RTR507B / 507BL

Measurement Channels

Temperature 1ch

Temperature 1ch

Temperature 1ch

Humidity 1ch

Temperature 1ch

Humidity 1ch


Thermistor (Internal)



Polymer Resistance


Polymer Resistance

Measurement Units

°C, °F

°C, °F

°C, °F


°C, °F


Measurement Range

-40 to 80°C

-60 to 155°C

0 to 55 °C

10 to 95 %RH

-25 to 70 °C

0 to 99 %RH (*1)






at -20 to 80°C


at -40 to -20°C, 80 to 110°C


at -60 to -40°C, 110 to 155°C


Avg.±0.3 °C


±5 %RH

at 25 °C, 50%RH



at 10 to 40 °C


all other temperatures


±2.5 %RH

at 15 to 35 °C, 30 to

80 %RH

Measurement Resolution




1 %RH

0.1 °C

0.1 %RH



Thermal Time Constant: Approx. 15 min.

Approx. 25 min. (L Type) Response Time (90%):

Approx. 35 min. Approx. 47 min. (L Type)

Thermal Time Constant: Approx. 30 sec. (in air) Approx. 4 sec. (in agitated water) Response Time (90%): Approx. 80 sec. (in air) Approx. 7 sec. (in agitated water)


Response Time (90%):

Approx. 7 min.


Response Time (90%):

Approx. 7 min.


Logging Capacity


16,000 readings


16,000 readings

8,000 data sets

(One data set consists of read- ings for multiple channels.)

8,000 data sets

(One data set consists of readings for multiple channels.)


Recording Interval

Select from 15 choices: 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 sec. or 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 min.

Recording Mode (*2)

Endless (Overwrite oldest data when capacity is full) or One Time (Stop recording when capacity is full)

LCD Display Items

Measurements (alternating display for multiple channel devices),Battery Life Warning, etc.


Communication Interfaces

Short Range Wireless Communication

<For US>

Frequency Range: 902 to 928MHz RF Power: 7mW

Transmission Range: Approx. 150 meters (500 ft) if direct and unobstructed

<For EU>

Frequency Range: 869.7 to 870MHz RF Power: 5mW

Transmission Range: Approx. 150 meters (500 ft) if direct and unobstructed Bluetooth 4.2 (Bluetooth Low Energy) (*3)

Optical Communication



Lithium Battery: LS14250 x 1

L Type: Large Capacity Battery Kit RTR-500B1 (*4) External Power Adaptor Kit RTR-500A2 (*5)

Battery Life (*6)

Approx. 10 months

L Type: About 4 years



H 62 mm x W 47 mm x D 19 mm

L type: H 62 mm x W 47 mm x D 46.5 mm (excluding protrusions and sensor) Antenna length: 24 mm


Approx. 50 g

L Type: approx. 65 g

Operating Environment

-40 to 80°C

-30 to 80°C during wireless communication

Waterproof Capacity

IP67: Immersion proof

IP64: Splash proof (rated for use in daily life) (*7)




Temperature Sensor TR-5106

Temperature-Humidity Sensor TR-3310

High Precision Temperature-Humidity Sensor SHB-3101

Lithium Battery LS14250 or Large Capacity Battery Kit RTR-500B1, Strap (Not included with L type models),Manual Set (Warranty included)

Compatible Base Units


RTR-500DC, RTR-500MBS-A, RTR-500NW/AW (*8) (*9) RTR-500 (*9)

*1: When continually used in environments with temperatures above 60°C, accuracy of humidity measurements will decrease over time. Also, humidity cannot be measured at temperatures below -20°C.

*2: Only “Endless” is available when using the RTR500BW, RTR500BM, RTR-500NW/AW or RTR-500MBS-A as a Base Unit.

*3: Bluetooth is available when using the RTR500BW as a Base Unit and making device settings in the mobile app (T&D 500B Utility).

*4: When using RTR-500B1 it is necessary to purchase Lithium Battery (LS26500). For details, contact your local authorized distributor.

*5: RTR-500A2 should not be used with the RTR501B, as it will cause the RTR-501 to display a higher than actual temperature reading of up to 3°C.

*6: Battery life depends on several factors, including ambient temperature, radio environment, frequency of communication, recording interval, and quality of the battery being used. All estimates are based on operations carried out with a new battery and are in no way a guarantee of actual battery life.

*7: This is the waterproof capacity of the data logger with the sensor connected. Note that the temperature-humidity sensor is not water resistant.

The specifications listed above are subject to change without notice.