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The Gilson Testing Screen is ideal for particle size determinations on large samples of aggregate, slag, ores, and many other coarse materials

Batch sizes up to one cubic foot (0.028m³) or more can be processed into six fractions in as little as three to five minutes, depending on material type. Vibration and amplitude characteristics are fixed at optimum for mineral aggregates in the 4in (101mm) to No.4 (4.75mm) size range, but options and accessories are available to optimize machine performance when testing finer samples or special materials. The standard Testing Screen can be used to process material all the way down to No.200 (75µm) if less efficient separations are acceptable.

Both Testing Screen models are similar in design and have exactly the same performance specifications. The only difference is in the clamping mechanism used to secure the screen trays during operation. The drive mechanism is completely enclosed for added safety. The powerful 1/2hp capacitor-type motor is operated through a starting switch with built in overload protection. Gilson Testing Screens are designed to be mounted to a solid, rigid floor system. Securing with anchor bolts to a concrete floor is recommended. Dimensions for anchor bolt placement are available upon request. Overall Dimensions: 23x31x43in (584x787x1,092mm),WxDxH.

Screen Trays and Dust Pans are purchased separately. Specify sizes when ordering. The Dustpan may optionally be placed on the bottom shelf of the unit, freeing up a slot for an additional screen tray. Independently removable screen trays are shared by both the Testing Screen and Test-Master® models and are available in a wide range of opening sizes with ASTM E 11, ISO 565 specification cloth or punched steel plate. Screen cloth is replaceable, insuring long life and inexpensive maintenance of trays. Each tray features a generous 14.75x22.75in (375x578mm),2.33ft³ (0.22m³) clear screen area. Optional Dustpan configurations can be ordered for increased capacity, reduced dust output, or dispensing of fines directly into outside bag or container. Other accessories to facilitate sample handling, dust and noise control and separation performance are listed separately.

TS-1 Gilson Testing Screen uses a quick-acting hydraulic pump system to clamp the screen trays in place. Trays are quickly released using the same handle. This more efficient model is recommended for labs with a steady workload of particle size testing.

TS-2 Gilson Testing Screen secures the screen trays with manually operated screwtype clamping handles. This model is more economical, but slightly more labor-intensive for continuous use. TSA-155 or TSA-159 Hydraulic Clamping Conversion Kits are available to convert existing TS-2 models to hydraulic clamping TS-1 units.


Cat. No.Description
TS-1Gilson Testing Screen, Hydraulic, 115V/60Hz
TS-1FGilson Testing Screen, Hydraulic, 230V/50Hz
TS-2Gilson Testing Screen, Manual, 115V/60Hz
TS-2FGilson Testing Screen, Manual, 230V/50Hz