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Reliable and accurate sample preparation for spraying

The famous Bleuler-mill is used to grind and mix the laboratory samples (geological solids, cement and ceramics) in a very fine powder in a very short time. Ideal for laboratory sample processing where speed and reproducibility are needed. A container filled with samples, a puck, an anvil ring and lid are locked in a curved platform which is secured by three rubber columns. A motor, connected by elastic coupling, causes the platform in an eccentric motion, causing the displacement of the ring and of the puck and the grinding of the sample by impact and friction. Simple, safe and durable. Weight shipment: 150 lbs.

Available in various electric mode. The 110V models require a few minutes to cool down between samples grinding sequences. In addition, high voltage three-phase power are recommended to perform continuous operations. Accurate and reproducible results are obtained through the use of security delay counter that stops the process after a predetermined period of up to six minutes.

Grinding the selections are set for the size according to the number of samples to be ground. Standard sizes are 50 g., 100 g. and 200 g. and based on a glass SpG 2.5. All of these sizes are made of very chrome-alloy abrasion resistant and having a hardness of 70 RC. A plurality of tungsten carbide 100g which is extremely resistant to abrasion with almost no contamination during the grinding of the hardest samples. Grinding sets consist of a container, cover, anvil ring and puck unless all of 50 g. which has no anvil ring.

Optionally, a portable test room soundproof, made of steel and acoustic lining, reduces noise to a level or users can chat. Equipped with latches, air bags for the cover and the rubber cushion to the cover and the base.

Mills with single phase motor and electronic control device, PRS-3. With protection against overheating, and a set of 100 g grinding. (Type M39)


NAM01-0000110V / 50Hz single phase
NAM02-0000230V / 50Hz single phase
NAM03-0000110V / 60Hz single phase
NAM04-0000230V / 60 Hz single phase

Note: For continuous operation we recommend using the mill with a three-phase motor M05 ..M08 or conversion electronics unit (M04 / 06) single phase / three phase.

Mill single phase with a single-phase inverter / phase type WMS -3 and a three-phase motor. With assembly 100 g grinding. (Type M39).


NAM04 / 06-0Login 230V / 60Hz single phase 230V motor / 60Hz 3 phase

Note: This type of mill is to be used where three phase power is not available and continuous operations are essential. No overheating is possible.

Mills with AC motor, electromechanical control device (LMA-2 or EMT-3). With a set of 100 g grinding. (Type M39)


NAM05-00009070 000 052, 3 x 230 V / 50 Hz (3P + E)
NAM06-00009070 000 062, 3 x 230 V / 60 Hz (3P + E)
NAM07-00009070 000 072, 3 x 380 V / 50 Hz (3P + N + E)
NAM08-00009070 000 082, 3 x 440 V / 60 Hz (3P + E)


  1. Rates of all the mills equipped with a set of 50 g grinding. (M40) cost 105.00 CHF less indicated above.
  2. The prices of all the mills equipped with a set of tungsten carbide grinding are quoted on request


SE010G-072Sound Room