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Fournaises tubulaires

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  • Maximum operating temperatures of 1500ºC or 1600ºC.
  • Available in heated lengths of 18" and 24" single zone.
  • The 24" heated length is also available in a 3 zone design.
  • Three zone tube furnaces provide a longer uniform temperature zone through elevation of end zone temperatures to compensate for normal end losses.
  • Mini design offered with 7" heated length, for use with process tubes up to 2.25" OD.
  • Furnaces incorporate low thermal mass ceramic fiber insulation for improved heat-up rates and energy efficiency.
  • Long-life free radiating silicon carbide heating elements provide excellent radial and linear chamber uniformity.
  • Power may be easily increased to heating elements from the temperature controller to compensate for SiC element resistance change (aging). This feature assures that the
    furnace’s original heat-up characteristics and maximum rated temperature is always achieved.
  • Furnaces are normally mounted horizontally on a support base or cabinet.
  • Furnace controls are built into the support base, providing convenient observation and access to all power and temperature controls.
  • Insulating end vestibules improve chamber uniformity.
  • Safety outer mesh guard provides low temperature external surface.
  • All 1500º & 1600ºC tube furnaces can be provided for optional vertical operation.
  • Vertical design is interconnected to a separate control cabinet with 6 ft. cable.
  • Three zone furnaces incorporate three separate temperature
    controls to allow variation of setpoint temperature in each zone.
  • TZF model end zone controllers may be slaved to the center zone or fully independent. (see page 44)
  • Choice of 301 or programmable controls.

STF 15/610/3216P1
with Vertical Option “L” Stand.

1500°C & 1600°C Single and Three Zone Tube Furnaces
Furnace ModelMax. Temp (°C)Maximum O.D. Tube Inches (mm)Heated Length Inches (mm)No.of ZonesTC TypeMax Power (Kw)Furnace VoltageExternal Dimensions InchesShipping Weight (lb.)
STF 15/18015002.25 (60)7.00 (180)1R1.5208/24019.75 (500)23.75 (600)14.75 (375)85
STF 15/45015003.50 (90)17.75 (450)1R5.5208/24026.00 (660)32.75 (830)17.50 (445)100
STF 15/61015003.50 (90)24.00 (610)1R6.0208/24026.00 (660)44.50 (1130)17.50 (445)133
STF 16/18016002.25 (60)7.00 (180)1R2.5208/24019.75 (500)23.75 (600)14.75 (375)95
STF 16/45016003.50 (90)17.75 (450)1R6.0208/24026.00 (660)32.75 (830)17.50 (445)110
STF 16/61016003.50 (90)24.00 (610)1R7.0208/24026.00 (660)44.50 (1130)17.50 (445)139
TZF 15/61015004.25 (110)24.00 (610)3R8.0208/240*26.00 (660)44.50 (1130)17.50 (445)133
TZF 16/61016004.25 (110)24.00 (610)3R9.0208/240*26.00 (660)44.50 (1130)17.50 (445)139
* Specify tube OD at time of order. Specify voltage at time of order. * 3 phase electrical design.
Continuous operating temperature is 100°C below maximum temperature.