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For fixed and variable volumes

  • Ika - IKA pette
  • A large display
  • User-friendly calibration
  • Simple maintenance and adjustment

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An ergonomic feel combined with uncompromising precise performance

An ergonomic feel combined with uncompromising precise performance: the IKA single fix and vario pipettes can be used for many applications in the modern laboratory. Colour coding simplifies the rapid selection of a suitable pipette. Resistance to impact, UV and chemicals ensures that the tip cone provides long-term reliable dosing. The PETTE fix and vario are fully autoclavable, therefore ensuring easy sterilization. This guarantees fault-free, precise and safe operation.

A large display

The display shows the set volumes in easily read characters. The deep position also allows reading while pipetting, without changing the hand position.

User-friendly calibration

The IKA software used for planning, performing and recording calibration tests for PETTE fix and vario is particularly user-friendly.

Simple maintenance and adjustment

The volume unit with piston and seal can be disassembled and cleaned in just a few simple steps. If adjustment is necessary, it can be done without any additional tool.