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    High Performance Centrifuges

High Performance Centrifuges

  • Maintenance-free induction motor
  • Large graphical LCD display
  • 100 user programs

Model : C0336

High Performance Centrifuge


Model : C0336R

High Performance Centrifuge, Refrigerated

this centrifuge has a large LCD display showing both pre-selected and actual run parameters with 10 different acceleration and deceleration levels.

Both centrifuges are equipped with automatic lid opening and automatic rotor recognition. Speed is set and displayed in either RPM or RCF. Safety features incorporated into the centrifuges include start blocking when lid is open, lid locking during rotor running, and imbalance sensors.

Max Speed 90 - 18,000 rpm, step 1 RPM
Max RCF 24,270 x g, step 1 x g
Max Volume 500 mL
Temperature Range (C0336R) -20C to +40C, step 1C
Running Time 1 sec - 99 hr 59 min 59 sec, step 1 s
C0336 Dimensions HxWxD 320 x 365 x 495 mm
C0336R Dimensions HxWxD 320 x 365 x 660 mm
C0336 Weight 28/29.5 kg (230V/120V)
C0336R Weight 47/50.7 kg (230V/120V)