• Appareil de mesure de l'activité de l'eau

Appareil de mesure de l'activité de l'eau

Water activity meter with portability needed? Then our LabSwift is the perfect device for you. With a rechargeable battery as an option, this meter can be placed and used anywhere.

It is particularly useful for products in powder form or dried fruits with low to medium aw-values, because this meter does not exhibit a temperature stabilisation in its measuring chamber.


  • Optional use of a rechargeable battery for portability
  • SD-card for simple data management
  • Reusable SAL-T verification standards
  • Fast meter for medium aw value range
  Water Activity Temperature
Measurement Principle Resistive Electrolytic Surface-IR and NTC
Measurement Range 0.030……1.000aw 5……45°C (41……113°F)
Calibration Range 0.110……0.900aw N/A
Resolution 0.001aw 0.1°C
Accuracy +/-0.010aw within cal. range +/-0.15°C
Precision +/-0.003aw within cal. range* +/-0.1°C
Repeatability +/-0.002aw within cal. range* N/A
Temperature Control no temperature control available
Calibration Points (%rH) 11%, 33%, 53%, 58%, 75%, 84%, 90%
Versions with battery pack
Current Supply 5 VDC, +/-6%, max. power consumption 10W
Power Supply / Mains 90……264 VAC 50/60 Hz
Display LC-display, dimension: 35x69 mm
Communication SD/SDHC-card
Housing Two-part PC/ABS housing, Weight: 1.2kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)= 225 x 140 x 85 mm
Volume measurement chamber 15mL
Dimensions Sample Cup Diameter 30mm x Height 14mm
Protection Class IP22
21CFR 11 Partially Compliant