MicroTrace PDV Portable AnalyzerMicroTrace PDV Portable Analyzer

MicroTrace PDV Portable Analyzer

Trace metals analyzer

  • Portable
  • Accurate
  • Rapid
  • Lower operating costs

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Trace Metal Analysis to 0.5ug/l, single instrument can be configured to measure up to 24 different metals. 

Measuring trace metals in water, soil and food has always been a vital part of modern environmental monitoring.Voltammetry offers an internationally accepted alternative to laboratory analysis. Modern Water’s PDV provides excellent on-site characterization of pollution hot spots and contamination sources.

The MicroTrace PDV has been upgraded to allow much improved stand-alone operation by utilizing a new tablet computer app now included with the PDV. The USB connector replaces the serial port. The upgraded product can be run either on 4 x 1.5V AA batteries, or from the mains using the standard 8 - 12V DC transformer. 

The MicroTrace PDV comes with the VAS software package, which is easy to use and is compatible with Windows. VAS enables storage and manipulation of voltammograms, operating data and in-depth data analysis. The SV LabCell Our MicroTrace PDV comes equipped with a standard analytical cell which can detect a wide range of different metals. The SV LabCell is an optional extra that allows the use of Bi film which has performance advantages for cathodic stripping methods (less DO interference). The SV LabCell extends the PDV’s range of metals to include molybdenum and uranium; it also gives a better response for nickel, cobalt and chromium at low levels.

  • New tablet-based android app simplifies equipment use and increases portability. 
  • Analyze in the lab or the field down to 0.5 μg/L – below drinking water regulations for many target metals Traditional & Simplified Chinese user interface now available
  • More accurate, higher sensitivity and less susceptible to interference than colorimetric methods
  • Excellent Correlation with Laboratory Methods (AAS, ICP-MS) but much lower capital and operating costs
  • 30 years of application development, validation studies and academic references Solid electrodes-multi-year lifetimes and no hazardous elemental mercury
  • Standalone field instrument- compact, light weight carrying case allows for field use
  • Speciation of selected metals by lability & oxidation state AC or rechargeable battery for on-site use
  • Fast analysis on site, combined with low cost per test allow
  • Immediate identification of problems
  • Interactive sampling to locate and identify contamination source and extent.
  • Remediation decisions to be made onsite, saving time and increasing efficiency
  • Larger number of sample points, improving site characterization cutting remediation costs


Power SupplyAC, 110 - 240V or DC 8 - 12V or 4 x AA batteries
Dimensions PDV6000 360mm x 270mm x 155mm (L x W x D)
 Dimensions SV LabCell 220mm x 160mm x 160mm (L x W x D). Drain tank, solid-state electrodes and stand provided
 Working Electrode, Std. Cell Glassy carbon, used with a variety of films, or solid gold
 Working Electrode, SV LabCellGlassy carbon (Not compatible with app) 
 Counter ElectrodePlatinum 
 Reference ElectrodeAg/AgCl in KCl 
 Cell MaterialAcrylic (Labcell only) and PTFE 
 Cell StirrerDC magnetic motor and magnetically coupled stirrer
 Display LCD graphic screen
 CE Compliant Yes 
 Operating SoftwareVAS, internal firmware Tablet based android app
 Keypad 5 button keypad
 Analysis Methods Available Anodic stripping, Cathodic stripping 
 Waveforms Available Linear sweep, square wave and differential pulse
 Voltammetry Range-2.0V to +2.0V (3.3V factory option) 
 Sensitivity 2 nA
 Variation (%CV) 5 to 10%
 Result Output Voltammetry curves, element concentration(s),historical data
 Calibration Standard comparison or standard addition
 Packing Sturdy water-proof carry case
 Stand-alone field instrument

10 programmable stand-alone menus 10 programmable conditioning menus

Blank subtraction option, standard addition option (useful for dirtier water) Battery indicator

 Portable laboratory instrument connected to PC or laptop (VAS only

VAS software, making the instrument a top of the range voltammetry instrument

Automatic data saving, graph optimisation, print facility for all data, reports and graphs


* Requires SV Labcell

MetalMetal NamePDV
AgSilver0.5 μg/l
As(III)Arsenic (III)0.5 μg/l
As(total)Arsenic0.5 μg/l
AuGold2 μg/l
BiBismuth2 μg/l
CdCadmium0.5 μg/l 
CoCobalt10 μg/l (1 μg/l *)
Cr(VI)Chromium (VI)5 μg/l (1 μg/l *)
CuCopper0.5 μg/l
FeIron5 μg/l
HgMercury0.1 μg/l
MnManganese2 μg/l
MoMolybdenum1 μg/l*
NiNickel5 μg/l
PbLead0.5 μg/l
PdPalladium5 μg/l
Sb(III)Antimony(III)5 μg/l
Se(IV)Selenium (IV)5 μg/l
 SnTin5 μg/l


10 μg/l









0.5 μg/l



All values are dependent upon the metal(s) being analyzed and the nature of the sample. MDL based on clean water samples.

* Requires SV Labcell and use of VAS software