• Captures, analyzes and provides instant feedback about the holistic condition of your turf
  • Measures Moisture, EC, and canopy temperature
  • Records precise location with an integrated GPS receiver
  • Syncs data with TurfPro Cloud

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Only the POGO Pro simultaneously measures all of the most influential factors that govern turf performance with a patented sensor and science-based analysis.

It’s the foundation of a system that captures, analyzes, and provides instant feedback about the holistic condition of your turf.

To use it, simply insert the bottom of the unit into the soil as far as it will go, then tap the “Sample” button in the free app on your wirelessly connected smartphone or tablet. With each measurement, POGO Pro records the precise location with an integrated pro-quality GPS receiver that is accurate to within one meter. This permits areas of stress to be pinpointed precisely when the data is analyzed.

All captured data is synchronized with the powerful POGO TurfPro Cloud software. This allows instant analysis of the data directly within the app right after you’ve captured the data and a more thorough analysis of your course conditions and detailed prescriptions within the cloud software.

Turf remains virtually undisturbed

  • 4 small-diameter, strong, marine-grade stainless steel probes (3.1 mm / 1/8 in.) diameter

Rechargeable battery

  • Provides 3-5 days of intense use between charges. Standard USB-C charging port. Charger included.

Precisely measures the right depth

  • The predominant moisture and salinity exchange within the rootzone of all types of turf systems occurs in the top 2.4”* (6cm). Measuring only this depth maximizes precision.

Depth-adjustable soil temperature probe

  • Easily adjustable from 0 to 6” (15cm).

Modular sensor connector

  • Provides extensibility for future sensor accessories.

Infrared turf canopy temperature sensor

  • Instantly captures temperature with extreme precision.

No need for calibration, ever

  • Patented sensing technology results in consistent accuracy and precision in all turf and soil types with no maintenance.

Ergonomic handle

  • Detachable and height adjustable for exceptional comfort.

Integrated wireless

  • The best user interface for POGO is the one already in your pocket. POGO connects easily via Bluetooth to any Apple or Android device—no cables.

Integrated, professional-grade GPS receiver

  • Adds an extra dimension—precise location—to all measurements for geospatial condition analysis, cup placements, sprinkler positions and patterns, area measurements, custom mapping and more.