Echantillonneur de déchet liquide

Echantillonneur de déchet liquide

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COLIWASA permits representative sampling of multiphase waste for a wide range of viscosity, corrosivity, volatility, and solids content. The unit can be used to sample most containerized liquid wastes, except those containing ketones, nitrobenzene, dimethylformamide, mesityl oxide, and tetrahydrofuran. Its simple design is easy to use, and allows the rapid collection of samples, minimizing the exposure of the sample collector to potential hazards from the wastes.

Manufactured of high-density polyethylene and designed to EPA standards, the COLIWASA consists of a 5 ft. x ¾ in. ID tube and closing valve. Sampler holds approximately 3 oz. per foot.

To use, lower the COLIWASA to the proper level and pull up on the rod at the top to open the valve. Or, to open the valve before submersing into the liquid, to collect a sample from the top down. Then the bottom or desired level has been reached, tug slightly on the rope simultaneously raising the unit. This will set the check valve, trapping the sample inside.

When the unit has been raised clear of the tank, the sample may be dispensed into an appropriate container (Whirl-Pak® bag) by holding the COLIWASA over the container and pulling on the plastic rod, or pressing the end of the unit against a hard surface, releasing the sample.
Shipping wt. 3 lbs.